Locking in Gains: Continuous Delivery is a Team Sport

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Start: Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 19:00

End: Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 20:00

  • About this event

    Michael Godeck is CTO of Value Factory, and has been building and delivering software systems for Insurance, Aviation, Hospitality, Logistics and Pharma clients for more than 20 years, focusing software process engineering: the science of getting digital done.

    About the talk:

    "Locking in Gains: Continuous Delivery is a Team Sport"

    Software delivery is a team sport, much bigger than the DevOps,  more that bunch of build-automation knobs and dials and tangled wires back in the engine room.  In this talk, we'll put the concept of the software delivery build pipeline in a context of the one thing that unites the work everyone in the organization: delivering value to the customer.

    It adresses anyone in the software business.  For people in Devops, to see their work in a larger context, for devs, QA's and business analysts, to put their work in the context of delivery practice.  For people in marketing and client relations, to understand how the delivery practice fits into the overall value stream.

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