• Alfresco Training Courses

    DevCon 2012: JumpStart & Advanced Alfresco Training Courses

    JumpStart Training
    This one-day instructor led and highly practical fundamentals course is designed to introduce a wide audience to the technology behind Alfresco’s enterprise-wide content management platform. Through a blend of sessions, demonstrations, examples and labwork, attendees will become familiar with Alfresco’s technology and architecture and learn how it can best be deployed.

    At the end of this course you should be able to:

    • Understand the components of an Alfresco ECM system and their interactions
    • Create and manipulate content in the repository
    • Understand how Alfresco manages content and metadata
    • Understand the Alfresco content model
    • Create custom object types and aspects
    • Describe the Alfresco security model
    • Configure users, groups, and roles
    • Understand repository configuration 

    This course is aimed at first time Alfresco users who will be engaged on an Alfresco project as Technical Architects, Support Engineers and Developers and those who will be continuing an Alfresco learning pathway to become an Alfresco expert.

    The course can be taken without any previous Alfresco experience and does not require any other instructor-led training as a pre-requisite.   Sign up and learn from some inspirational instructors – Isabel Sastre in Berlin and Simon Street in San Jose.

    $599/ $499  Regular rate

    Advanced Alfresco Training
    Advanced training at DevCon is the perfect opportunity for developers with a decent level of experience to consolidate their theory and practice on the Alfresco platform.  There are five Master Classes to choose from, and as each one takes half a day, you will only be able to enroll in two.  All DevCon Master Classes will be delivered by an acknowledged Alfresco expert with proven specialization in their field.

    Application Development from the Ground Up (Advanced)
    This half-day Master Class for developers with Rich McKnight looks at building an application that does not fit exactly into the Share collaboration mould. Through a combination of presentations, demonstrations and exercises, we will examine the information architecture design, functionality and the best ways to design the interface to support typical operations. Finally, we will look at the user experience and how best to leverage Share as a platform in this type of situation. 

    Document Library and Actions (Advanced)
    The document library is one of the areas in Share where users will spend most of their time. In this half-day Master Class, we will look at customizing the document library list view, adding custom document previewers and customizing and adding in document library actions. The class is aimed at developers and will feature presentations, demonstrations and exercises under the direction of Oliver Laabs in Berlin and Matt Gross in San Jose.

    Activiti in Action (Advanced)
    This half-day Master Class with Joerg Sauer and his team, examines some existing workflows to see how they can be extended by including repository interactions in workflows. Specifically, it will teach you how to set properties and aspects on documents to model status changes, move documents between folders and really understand the concept of replacing an individual with a role.

    Alfresco – Statistically Speaking (Advanced)
    How many files are in my system, how many workflows are running and how long do they take to finish? If you want to provide this information to users and admins
    you should sign up to this half-day Master Class.  Through a series of presentations, demonstrations and exercises, Shoeb Sargueoh and his team will walk you through all of the web scripts and querying technologies, so that you can build useful and fully functioning statistical dashlets of your own.

    Getting to 4.0 (Advanced)
    In this Master Class, specifically designed for Alfresco Administrators, we’ll take a close look at how to get your installation up and running on 4.0. With working examples, expert instructor Darryl Quinn will cover how to upgrade an Alfresco installation and then how to convert that installation to use the Solr indexing engine.

    $599/ $499  Regular rate


    Crafter Rivet Training Course
    Build Engaging Sites with Alfresco and Crafter Rivet

    Learn how to build and manage engaging sites with Alfresco during this one-day workshop! This hands-on course will appeal to a wide audience of developers – from those new to Alfresco to those who are experienced Alfresco veterans – who want to learn how Alfresco can be used to manage Web content and deliver engaging site visitor experiences on multiple online channels including enterprise websites, mobile sites and apps, social media channels, intranets, and portals. 

    Through a combination of instructor-led sessions, demonstrations and labs, you will learn about the architecture and features of both the Alfresco content platform and the open source Crafter Rivet Web Content and Experience Management application that is built on Alfresco. 
    At the end of this course you should be able to: 

    • Understand the key capabilities of the Alfresco platform for managing and publishing Web content 
    • Understand the key capabilities of Crafter Rivet for authoring and delivery of dynamic site content and visitor experiences 
    • Explain the advantages of Alfresco’s de-coupled architecture for managing Web content separately from the delivery of content across multiple channels 
    • Understand how Alfresco Share may be used as a platform to build custom applications, and understand the architecture of Crafter Rivet’s content authoring and management application which plugs into Share 
    • Create content models for websites in Alfresco through Crafter Rivet, including the structured representation of websites, pages, components, and digital assets 
    • Create and administer custom authoring webforms used to develop engaging website content 
    • Develop page templates and dynamic UI components for your site 
    • Configure and administer live in-context preview for websites and mobile sites 
    • Utilize Crafter Rivet’s in-context authoring tools for quickly building and previewing rich websites and mobile sites (in particular, iOS devices for this workshop) 
    • Configure publishing channels for websites, mobile apps, and social networks (e.g., Facebook) 
    • Describe the Alfresco security model, and configure users, groups and roles 
    • Build and manage a new website from scratch in under 30 minutes

    Price: $599

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