• Keynote Speakers

    Brian Behlendorf Brian Behlendorf
    Founder CollabNet and Founder/President of the Apache Software Foundation

    Brian is an entrepreneur and consultant focused on the intersection of Open Source software communities and public policy. In 2009, Brian worked at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on its Open Government Initiative, which involved using idea-ranking and collaborative authoring tools to set an agenda for Open Government. He is currently a director of CollabNet, the leader in Agile application lifecycle management (Agile ALM) in the cloud. He co-founded the company with O'Reilly & Associates in 1999. Previously, Brian was a primary developer of the Apache Web server and a founding board member of what is now the Apache Software Foundation. Brian has also served as a board member of the Mozilla Foundation since 2003.

    Luke Kowalski Luke Kowalski
    Vice President, Oracle

    Luke is a vice president in Oracle's corporate architecture group. He helps with technology policy, industry standards, community, and government affairs. He also works on M&A integration and corporate controls. Before coming to Oracle, he worked for various startups, as well as for Netscape's Server and ECommerce divisions. He holds several patents, industry certifications, and serves as an ISO representative for US through ANSI. His educational background includes advanced degrees from UTA, Pratt Institute, and Columbia University.

    John Newton John Newton
    CTO and Chairman of Alfresco

    John has spent the last 25 years building information management software. In 1990, he co-founded Documentum, the enterprise content management company acquired by EMC, with Howard Shao. John started his career in databases as one of the original engineers at Ingres. John was also one of the first entrepreneurs in residence in Europe at Benchmark Capital. In addition to the Alfresco board, John serves on the board of AIIM, the ECM industry group. John graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

  • Session Speakers

    Want to know more about what will be covered in the Alfresco Developer Conference sessions? Check out our speaker intro videos

    JOHN ABRAM is responsible for the realization of Monetical, the first on-demand Agile Expert System tailored for Alfresco. Facilitating the collaboration amongst a number of UK subject matter experts and thought leaders formed the predefined knowledge base that highly distributed IT organisations can reengineer to serve their unique business needs. John was the principle author of a patent pending learning capability that steers the successful evaluation, adoption and optimisation of Agile lifecycle management rapidly, cost-effectively and with low risk.

    TOM BAEYENS is passionate about BPM, workflow and Java. He a frequent speaker on those topics at international conferences like Devoxx, JavaOne and others. Tom founded jBPM. It was a first and big step to make BPM technology more broadly adopted. jBPM went up to 25.000 downloads per month. He also pioneered the Process Virtual Machine design for process engines. Tom now works for Alfresco and is the Project Lead for Activiti (BPMN 2.0) and is devoted to making it the next step in making BPM technology ubiquitous.

    JORAM BARREZ is a Senior Software Engineer at Alfresco. He started his career as a consultant, where he discovered the power of open-source BPM in Java. At JBoss/Red Hat, Joram was a jBPM core developer, and he was involved with the design and development of jBPM versions 3 and 4. He joined Alfresco and the Activiti team in 2010. Joram is a devoted open-source BPM advocate, and never ceases to spread the message of the next generation in BPM through his blog and live presentations at JDD, Devoxx and JUGs.

    NICK BURCH is passionate about open source and open development, and has been involved with the Apache Software Foundation since 2003. Nick is chair of the Apache POI project, and as a member of the ASF helps out with mentoring of new projects, and with community development. At Alfresco, Nick is part of the services team, with a strong focus on content. When not coding, Nick can often be found helping to run and speak at BarCamps, Geek Nights and technology conferences.

    DAVID CARUANA is Chief Architect and a founding engineer of Alfresco, where he is responsible for overall product architecture and design, and has developed many of the core capabilities of Alfresco, such as content modeling, workflow, Web scripts, and CMIS. With over 15 years of experience in the ECM industry, David has previously led product development at Documentum, where he created Web Development Kit, and Oracle, where he developed several content repositories. David is a member of the JSR 283 (Content Repository for Java Technology API Version 2.0) Expert Group and the OASIS Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Technical Committee. He is also active on the Spring Surf and Apache Chemistry open source projects.

    GAVIN CORNWELL has been a software engineer for 14 years. In that time he as worked for Ford Motor Company and Documentum (EMC) before joining Alfresco. He is currently the services team lead, project lead for advanced workflow in Share and the lead engineer of the forms engine and configuration services. Gavin has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Brighton.

    SWITHUN CROWE has been Developer for Arts and Humanities computing projects at the University of St Andrews for several years, working with a wide variety of materials, from images to historical text, academic articles and foreign language material. Recent work has included bringing the pre-1707 Scottish Parliament records online, for browsing and searching by the public, and developing a multi-lingual automated grammar tutoring system for language students. The current project involves developing extensions for Alfresco, so that it can be used as part of an OAIS-compliant archive. These include the extraction and generation of XML metadata (TEI, METS and PREMIS), and an antivirus scanner. Swithun believes strongly in open source, and has made the code for these extensions available on Alfresco Forge, and has also contributed to the Wiki. He has degrees in Philosophy and Information Technology, from the University of St Andrews and Heriot Watt University respectively.

    MICHAEL FARMAN has over 20 years experience in the content management industry. He started working at Interleaf, specializing in large-scale publishing, and was one of the early employees at Documentum, initially focusing on the pharmaceutical industry and the drug submission process. Mike spent over ten years at Documentum, where he worked in a variety of technical roles and vertical industries. Mike was an early employee at Alfresco, working in almost every department over the past five years, then settling in his current role as Director of Product Management.

    BEN HAGAN has been working with Enterprise Internet Applications for the last decade, and specializing in Web Content Management for the last 7 years. Throughout his career, Ben has worked within a number of technical roles including Support Management and Pre-Sales Consulting. With a passion for web technologies and architectures, Ben now guides the WCM product focus at Alfresco as WCM Product Manager.

    MIKE HATFIELD has been an engineer for over 17 years, working at all levels from embedded circuit design through to complex web applications. He is currently in the User Interface team at Alfresco, responsible for the client-side framework and Document Library for Alfresco Share and setting best-practice for JavaScript development. He has a BSc (Hons) / MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Bath.

    NEIL McERLEAN has 12 years experience in software development with a decade in enterprise Java development. He joined Alfresco's Services Team in autumn 2008 and since then has contributed to the development of the Forms Service, the DOD 5015-certified Records Management module and the Rendition Service among other things. Neil has previously worked at IBM, where he developed web applications for the Lotus Domino server, and Ericsson, where he led the development of various telecoms network management software components. He has been an enthusiastic proponent of Agile development methodologies. Neil has a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Queen's University Belfast.

    ANDREW HIND is a Senior Developer and Founding Engineer of Alfresco. He is a member of the repository team responsible for search and authorization. Andy has used Java since it first appeared, working on financial management and process engineering systems. He has been working on commercial systems since 2000 developing mission-critical J2EE applications for the financial sector, including application infrastructures for corporate actions and product information. Andy previously taught Chemical Engineering at Edinburgh University where he received his PhD in Fluid Mechanics and graduated with a BA First Class from the University of Cambridge.

    PAUL HOLMES-HIGGIN is Vice-President of Engineering, with responsibility for managing Alfresco's research and development team and ensuring both innovation and quality are delivered in Alfresco's software. His expertise covers Knowledge-based Expert Systems, Neural Networks, Information Extraction and Multilingual Natural Language Processing. Paul has PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Surrey.

    DEREK HULLEY has been developing software for 16 years, focusing on server-side Java development for most of that time. He joined Alfresco at inception working on core infrastructure, repository services and database persistence. Before joining Alfresco, Derek worked on projects related to risk management, online trading platforms and fund management. He has a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cape Town.

    YANNICK KIRSCHHOFFER is a Software Architect specializing in Object Oriented Design and Open Source technologies. He is primarily focused on the Java/Unix platform stack and puts a strong emphasis on quality and usability. In addition to Yannick’s day job as a Software Architect for Logica, he runs several projects hosted on SourceForge.

    FLORIAN MUELLER is one of the principal contributors to Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS. Prior to joining Alfresco in 2010 as aSoftware Architect, Florian worked at Open Text for 8 years in a number of roles including developer, software architect, team and project lead, Director Innovations and strategy specialist. Florian is a member of OASIS Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Technical Committee and CMIS specification editor.

    DR RAINER PAUSCH has many years experience working as a Senior Director Business Strategy & Product Management, as well as Head of Business Development and Marketing in software and medical technology companies. He completed a doctorate in theoretical physics and stands out as analyst, motivator and lateral thinker. Since July 2006, Rainer has been working with WeWebU as Business Development Manager and Head of Products & Marketing. He was WeWebU's first representative in the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee.

    AINGARAN PILLAI is the Founder and Consulting Director of Zaizi, where he is responsible for the architecture and successful delivery of a number of Alfresco ECM projects across UK, Eire and Europe.  Passionate about open source technology, he has over 10 years' experience in architecting and delivering solutions using open source software. He worked on the Red Hat CMS and implemented it for London Borough of Camden. That implementation was nominated by Google for British Computer Society's Information Management Awards in 2006. Aingaran has been working with Alfresco ECM since 2006 and is also a board member of the Alfresco Community.

    DR BIRGIT PLIETZSCH works as Arts Computing Advisor within IT Services, University of St Andrews. She is advising on and managing technical aspects of various research and teaching-related computing projects across the Faculty of Arts. Birgit’s current interests include digital preservation and computer assisted language learning. At present she is managing a digital archiving project that aims to preserve electronic Arts and Humanities research data in the long term. The project uses Alfresco Explorer, Share and Records Management for ingest into the electronic archive. Birgit holds a Dr.phil. in British Cultural Studies from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.

    BRIAN REMMINGTON is Architect of Web Content Management at Alfresco, with responsibility for all technical aspects of Alfresco's WCM platform. He has designed and developed WCM systems since 1997, and, before joining Alfresco in 2009, was Chief Architect at Mediasurface (now Alterian) where he was responsible for designing and leading the development of the Morello product (now Alterian Content Manager). Brian is a keen advocate of agile development methods, having made use of a variety of them since 1999. He has an enormous amount of experience in pragmatically selecting and applying appropriate techniques to make software development projects more effective.

    KEVIN ROAST is a founding developer of the Alfresco Platform, UI Team Leader and Principal Developer of the Alfresco Surf Web Framework. He has over 10 years of experience in the software industry and was previously a leading developer at Documentum.  Kevin’s expertise is in developing and performance tuning enterprise-scale application platforms, as well as designing and implementing user interfaces based on innovative technology.

    MARK ROGERS has worked as a software engineer for 23 years, developing products and solutions for many different companies and businesses.  He has worked with Java from its early days and C++ and C before that.  Mark’s involvement with content management began with developing Lotus Notes solutions. At Alfresco, Mark has been a member of the services team, writing some of the code that underpins Alfresco Share, and is currently a member of the core repository team, working on WCM deployment and the new transfer service.

    JAN VONKA has worked as a software engineer and development manager. For over ten years he worked in base development at Oracle (both in the UK and US) developing tools, collaboration and CRM products. He has also worked at UK's leading 3G telco as well as a number of start-ups, including Corio (now part of IBM) and APR Smartlogik (now Smartlogic), delivering enterprise products and on-demand services. Jan's has worked at Alfresco for over three years as a member of the core repository team working on various product areas including WCM, RM, versioning, dynamic content models, multi-tenancy and the underlying DB access layers.

    DAVID WARD is a former Principal Software Engineer at Oracle, where he led the Portlet Technologies team and successfully rolled out implementations of the JSR 168 Java Portlet and WSRP Portlet Web Service specifications. Since joining Alfresco in 2008, David has become a productive member of the Repository Engineering team. In his new role of Engineering Customer Satisfaction Lead, David now works closely with the Support and QA teams with the goals of improving customer experience, maximizing the quality of releases and minimizing the resolution time of critical issues. David attained a 1st class honours degree in Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh.

    ROY WETHERALL has been involved in Content Management for over 10 years, first as a senior software engineer at Documentum and latterly as a founding engineer at Alfresco. Roy has been core to the development of Alfresco's content service strategy and is the technical lead for the Alfresco Records Management which achieved Department of Defence 5015 certification last September.

    ERIK WINLOF has worked for Alfresco since 2008 and has previously been employed by Spiro Kommunication AB, the University of Gothenburg and XDIN doing work including mainly Enterprise Java and WCM. During his time at Alfresco his main focus has been working on Alfresco Share since its beginning and the Activiti project's REST API and web applications.


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