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    An international event on the API economy to see all opportunities as for intern IT as for open innovation and new distribution models

    The 3rd december and 4th december

    The Web 1.0 was readable, the Web 2.0 was socialnow the web is programmable; through application programming interfaces, aka APIs.
    Web APIs are a unique opportunity for companies, governments and developers to both better organize the governance of their IT into a scalable and flexible model, either leverage a complete ecosystem around the organization, exchanging data through the web for trillion of applications on billion of devices. 
    Because each civilization has been described by the way it communicates and makes exchanges, API are the beginning of a programmable civilization.

    The question is: what is today the opportunity to expose an API? What is the ROI? And how to make it for developers? How to evangelise your webservice into the developers community?

    The 3rd of December and 4th of december, Webshell and faberNovel organize the API days, with a lot of conferences from the best players of the API economy and the web ecosystem.

    More info: http://apidays.io/







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    EPITA 14 Rue Voltaire 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicètre France


    - ligne 7 : Porte d'Italie
    - lignes 47, 125, 131, 185 : Roger Salengro
    - ligne 186 : Pierre Brossolette
    - périphérique : sortie Porte d'Italie

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Event organiser: faberNovel & webshell
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