• Rules of participation in AppCircus on Health








    • Registering and submitting your app in AppCircus is open to any developer, health professional or business startup.

    • Registration and membership in AppCircus are free.

    • Applications must be focused in the field of health in the broad sense (i.e. Health &Wellness) oriented to any population, children or adults, as well as any professional (healthcare, technology, patients, institutions, etc.).

    • Both simple applications and applications linked to external peripherals will be accepted.

    • Applications must be registered on the platform in AppCircus.

    • Members of AppCircus must add the app to their profile before participating to AppCircus.

    • Participants can register more than one app.

    • If the application is selected, a representative must present the application on stage.

    • The representative will have 3 minutes to present the app on stage.

    • Each app can only be presented once in an AppCircus, except for those who are classified as RunnerUp. Being RunnerUp allows the app to reapply for selection for another AppCircus.

    • The winner of each AppCircus will win a nomination for the Mobile Premier Awards 2013.

    • Amongst all of the nominees in AppCircus during 2012, 20 will be selected for the Mobile Premier Awards 2013.


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