The TechCrunch BBC Debate

hosted by TechCrunch / BBC

BBC Broadcasting House, London

Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 19:00

  • Event description

    TechCrunch and the BBC are to hold an event to rationally debate and discuss the issues around the BBC's assets and technology.

    Could or should the BBC develop an applications platform?

    What are the policy issues and implications surrounding this?

    What data does the BBC currently expose for third party companies to leverage?

    Could it do more to open up its data and assets?

    Or are these issues impossible to address given the nature of the BBC's Charter?

    In which case: should/could the BBC Charter be changed to address the new wave of development online?

    Participants:James Cridland, Head of Future Media & Technology for BBC Audio & Music Interactive

    Tony Ageh, BBC New Media controller of internet

    Jem Stone, BBC website/new media producer 

    Azeem Azahar, startups angel investor, ex-BBC, proposer of a BBC Public License

    Steve Bowbrick, entrepreneur, Blogger on BBC policy

    Mike Butcher, Editor, TechCrunch UK

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