The Ministry of Finance and Economics of Baden-Württemberg organizes the 6th Cluster Forum in Baden-Württemberg which focuses on new cross-sectoral challenges and opportunities for cluster initiatives and networks which are seen in “Future Technologies and Modern Services for Enhancing the Quality of Life” like Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) etc.

    “Green Economy” and “Intelligent Mobility” in new products and services, especially through the implementation of Key Enabling Technologies (like microsystems technology, biotech, photonics, new materials and advanced manufacturing) are topics which are relevant for all cluster initiatives.

    Numerous actors of the cluster community from Baden-Württemberg, national and international actors in the field of cluster policy and cluster practitioners will take part in the conference. National and international key note speakers will show the potential of future technologies which will be able to enhace the quality of life. Cluster practitioners will present approaches for cluster initiatives on how to benefit from the opportunities offered by the new technologies. During the lunch break, participants will have the opportunity to exchange on different topics at “Meet and Eat” tables informally. In the workshop sessions in the afternoon attendees will learn about new strategies and design options for clusters or funding opportunities for clusters.


    Zur deutschsprachigen Veranstaltungswebsite: www.amiando.com/Cluster-Forum2014

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Event organiser: Ministerium für Finanzen und Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg
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