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  • DIBI - A two-track web conference

    Please contact ellie.silson@codeworks.net if you have any questions regarding DIBI

    What is DIBI?

    Created for both sides of the web coin, DIBI brings together designers and developers for an unusual two-track web conference. World renowned speakers leading in their fields of work will talk about all things web.

    Taking place in Newcastle upon Tyne, (it's oop north) at The Sage Gateshead on the 28th April 2010, we're bringing both sides of the web world together with some awesome speakers.

    There will be 12 Speakers in total plus 1 Keynote. We look forward to seeing you there.




    Speakers - Front End

    Andy ClarkeAndy Clarke - Andy Clarke has been called a lot of things since he started working on the web ten years ago. His ego likes words like "ambassador for CSS", "industry prophet" and "inspiring", but actually he is most proud that Jeffrey Zeldman once called him a "(tripe talented) bastard".

    Andy took ten months of his life to write the best-selling Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design, but his passion is amazing web design. He loves designing for the web, writing about design and teaching it at workshops and conferences all over the world.

    Now he is pulling all of the passions together to create For A Beautiful Web, a unique series of web design master classes that cover topics including visual design and best-practice use of technologies.

    Adii Rockstar Adii Rockstar - (born Adriaan Pienaar) is an entrepreneur, the co-founder of the very successful online startu p WooThemes and a general creator of Rockstar Awesomeness. Along with being a serial entrepreneur, he is also a designer & developer (CSS, PHP & WordPress), which has spawned his other company – a boutique design & development agency – Radiiate.


    Simon Collison Simon Collison - Simon (http://colly.com) is a freelance web designer, developer, author, speaker, and consultant with over a decade of experience at the sharp end.

    His last big adventure saw him co-founding Erskine Design back in 2006, and the agency was runner-up in the .net awards design agency of the year category in 2009.

    Simon recently left Erskine to pursue new and exciting challenges, which he can't talk about yet. In an un-related note, despite hailing from Nottingham, he loves the North-East.


    Tim Van Damme Tim Van Damme - Tim Van Damme is a freelance interface designer at Made by Elephant. Not afraid to push the limits, friend of all things living, blabbermouth, honest chap, passionate about the web, always in the mood for a chat, blogger at Maxvoltar, boyfriend of Gwenny, Belgian, Twitter addict.



    Sarah Parmenter owns You Know Who, a small design studio, now in it’s 7th year, in the beautiful town of Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. Sarah’s passion lies purely in the web. Creating beautiful websites that match the clients brand and adhere to web standards are her forte. Being a Virgo means she is a true perfectionist and can be known to push pixels for hours. Sarah’s straight talking nature and no fuss approach to projects have landed her many great contracts over the years with various brands in the UK and abroad.

    Speakers - Back End

    Michael Brunton-SpallMichael Brunton-Spall works for the Guardian newspaper on guardian.co.uk, their online presence. Michael has spent the last 3 years building and scaling the Guardian's web infrastructure to cope with over 250 million page views per month. He recently organised and ran the UK's first ScaleCamp unconference to get together developers and systems people involved in scaling within the UK.

    Michael's most recent projects include the Guardians MP Expenses projects, an attempt to crowdsource an understanding of what MP's are claiming for, and the server side infrastructure to cope with the Guardian's iPhone application.

    Michael prefers to program in the latest funkiest languages, this week he is mostly using Python and Django, but has been known to "dabble" in Java, C++, C# as well.
    Peter-Paul Koch is a freelance front-end consultant and trainer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He specialises in the mobile web. He has won international renown with his browser compatibility research, frequently speaks at conferences, has founded Fronteers, the Dutch association of front-end professionals, and advises browser vendors on their implementation of the web standards.

    In 2009 he started working as a mobile platform strategist on mobile web consultancy, training and browser compatibility research.

    On the Web he is universally known as ppk.

    His DOM Compatibility Tables are reliably estimated to have saved the global web developer
    population about € 5 million on hair transplants in 2007 alone. Figures for the mobile web will be roughly equivalent.

    David Singleton David Singleton is a London-based web developer at music social network Last.fm and has been working with the web for almost ten years. He's happiest when his work involves doing a bit of everything, from perfectionist front-end tinkering to hacking on back-end code.

    He most recently worked on the new Last.fm search interface and web-based radio, as well as profiling, optimising and launching the Last.fm Xbox app to millions of new users. In his spare time he blogs about the internet on http://dsingleton.co.uk and about food at http://munchmun.ch.

    Elliott Kember Elliott Kember - Formerly Lead Developer at Carsonified, Elliott works as a freelance Rails Developer in Bath. A Rails ninja by trade, Elliott spends most of his time building fun and useful applications for the social networking site Twitter. He was behind Twitter apps such as Spreadtweet, Filetweet, and Blocky, and has been featured in the New York Times, CNET's The404 podcast, Mashable, Smashing Magazine and the Future of Web Apps conference, to name a few. He really likes pink.


    Emma Persky - Emma Persky is a passionate evangelist for the barcamp movement, an avid traveller and a vibrant storyteller. When not on a global expedition or planning her next barcamp, she can be found in London, England, engineering software for Gumtree.




    Gareth Rushgrove - Gareth works at glassesdirect.co.uk in London where he spends his time wrangling with Python, Django and as many other cools tools as he can get his hands on. He's sort of a developer/systems hybrid at the moment and given half a chance he'll be off using message queues, webhooks and tiny web services for everything.

    He blogs occasionally at morethanseven.net and lives in Cambridge, having moved from Newcastle many moons ago.

    This event is financed by ONE North East and the European Regional Development Fund.


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