2c2p Singapore

    2C2P leverages on its established e-commerce payment processing infrastructure to move to the mobile payment space. In July 2009, using the same robust back-end infrastructure, 2C2P launched the Mobile Credit Card Terminal, a mobile application that converts mobile phones into a virtual wallet to instantly process credit and debit card payments and peer-to-peer fund transfer. This breakthrough application won the 2009 Nokia Calling All Innovators Award, giving 2C2P premium placement in the Nokia Ovi Store.



    Collaborative eBusiness System (CES) is a business-to-business (B2B) communication system that operates in the internet environment. CES was build to enhance the effectiveness of supply chain management. With an effective supply chain management, business can be more responsive to consumers needs and decrease operational costs. .

    Ankoder Hong Kong

    Ankoder is a cloud based video transcoding API enabling companies to easily integrate video functions into their existing web services. With its pay-per-use service, Ankoder enables web services providers to focus their time, resources and capital on developing their businesses, not on creating video encoding infrastructure. Ankoder provides all the ingredients required to get a video site up-and-running quickly, easily and successfully while ensuring that it will scale.

    bubble ideas singapore

    BubbleIdeas is leadership 2.0 solution which helps one figure out signal from a mesh of ideas. In the web 2.0 today, there are many solutions which help leaders to broadcast into an open crowd. But the reverse is not true. A leader is mostly unable to listen to meaningful voices from the crowd and is therefore more-or-less unreachable to the smart generation.

    BukuQ Indonesia

    BukuQ is a social networking application which users can simulate their social life inside it. To be distinct with the existing common social networking, BukuQ has its targeted users: book lovers. As they have the same interest, they would be happy to share their reviews, ratings, and discussions about books in BukuQ. BukuQ emphasizes local content. It boosts book information streaming to the users based on their location--nearest books, nearests other readers, nearest book shops, libraries, even a little used book shop across the street. What makes BukuQ unique is the one stop service concept which every single user, with different roles (reader, book shop, library, publisher) can share their own collection in one huge community.

    Catch the Crowd Singapore is a Singapore based start-up company that will help brands catch the attention of the crowds by offering an interactive brand immersion experience through the innovative application of technologies like SMS and dynamic displays.

    Creately Australia

    Creately is collaborative diagramming software used by teams around the world to communicate more effectively. It is a web-based application with an intuitive and powerful interface. Loaded with a large selection of smart objects and ready-made templates, Creately offers unlimited possibilities with the types of diagrams that can be created. With Creately's Shared Projects, you can invite your project team and clients to collaborate on flowcharts, software designs, wireframes and business diagrams easily. It’s simple to export your designs in PDF, JPG, PNG formats for presentations, proposals or formal documentation. Creately comes with Free and Paid Plans

    DesignChords India

    Designchords is a web based design marketplace where clients initiate design based projects and designers from across the globe participate in them. Clients post a creative project (logos, graphic, illustration, print or viral ad, GUI, and product/package design) on the website and a global pool of designers help these clients by sending them design concepts as per the requirements. On an average, each project receives 60-70 design concepts. The clients review these concepts, give feedback and in the end buy the design idea they like the most. The designers are rewarded for their creative talent and also get an opportunity to showcase their artwork to global audiences even if they don’t have sufficient professional experience. Our platform is so easy to use that even a small shop owner can start a project and work along with international designers!

    flutterscape Japan

    FlutterScape is a cross-border social commerce platform, giving people the power to share their product discoveries, while making it easy to sell and buy products through our safe international payment and logistic systems. Unlike traditional marketplaces, FlutterScape brings sellers and buyers together in a fun, casual and collaborative way that allow sellers to share a real narrative of their product discoveries and buyers to expose to an adventure and obtain unique products from abroad. Initiating our primary focus on Japanese market, we are planning to expand to other relatively closed markets to make the world open and connected.


    Forska's product Investopresto is a web-based application that helps retail investors make smart investment decisions. It consists of a set of integrated portfolio management tools and risk management tools with strong social features that help investors throughout the investment management lifecycle, ranging from asset allocation, security selection, portfolio construction, performance monitoring, risk management and rebalancing. Investopresto’s social features enable users to compare investment performance with each another, exchange ideas, compete and collaborate with one another.

    Game Plan singapore

    Gameplan makes amateur sports league and team management simple and straightforward. By providing features such as automatic fixture generation and scheduling, statistics tracking and lots of customizability, we make sure that you don't get bogged down by the humdrum of spreadsheets, crappy software, inefficient IT teams and lists of phone numbers, but instead focus on what matters the most - your sport. Singapore is an online platform that allows people to raise funds for their favorite charities online in simple yet exciting ways. Individuals can create fundraising pages on behalf of their favorite charities to mark their participation in sport events, to celebrate their birthdays or to have their heads shaved. It's up to the creativity of individuals to decide how they want to fundraise. Friends, family members and colleagues can then be notified through emails, Facebook, twitter, etc so that they can show their support by donating using credit or debit cards at anytime, from anywhere in the world

    Gradkin Singapore

    Gradkin is the premier Branding and Networking Platform in Asia to connect students and recent graduates with employers. The application empowers candidates to showcase their Personal Brand and illustrate how they can add value to their future employers. Gradkin also serves as a direct platform for employers to reach out to the best talent. By leveraging innovative web 2.0 technologies, candidates and employers can build a strong community around their brand while engaging in virtual conversations about careers. We believe recruitment starts by fostering a spirited community where meaningful discussions happen. For more information, visit

    GrowVC Hong Kong

    Grow VC is bringing the first truly transparent, international, community-based approach to early stage funding. Grow VC can help mobile and web startup stars secure initial funding up to $1m USD. Grow VC also provides tools for the investment process and new transparent ways of doing things.

    Home Camera Singapore HomeCamera enables Internet consumers to use the webcams they already own to watch over their homes, kids, pets, and businesses. The service eliminates the technological complexities with traditional monitoring systems (NAT, port forwarding, etc), and democratizes surveillance by enabling folks to use the webcams they already own at a very affordable price (free to $29.95 annual). Plaudits include recommendations by The San Francisco Chronicle, PC World, The New Zealand Herald, Download of the Week by LifeHacker, and the 2009 IEC InfoVision Award. HomeCamera is currently in free public beta and will go commercial by mid-2010.
    Ideaken Singapore

    ideaken enables enterprises to collaborate to innovate with the global pool of talent, customers, academia and with the employees. Co-creation & open innovation are increasingly used across the world to reduce the risk and increase the innovation yield. ideaken facilitates hosting of co-creation campaigns, employee led innovation and innovation competitions, with an option to retain your branding. The platform frees you up from setting up an infrastructure to seek, manage and evaluate innovations for your enterprise. As a special offer during echelon2010, sign up for any enterprise edition, and use it for free till you get your first successful innovation.



    Insync allows seamless file syncing and sharing for your enterprise -- it's SharePoint without the pain of being SharePoint (think Dropbox for companies). It comes with a one-click install via the Google Apps Marketplace with Docs and Contacts integration, pooled company storage and user management. If you have an IT gal, you won't have to bother her. Free edition comes with limited company storage.

    iSyndica Singapore

    iSyndica is an online ecommerce platform for digital and physical product sellers. It solves the real problem of uploading and tracking content across several sites on the web. With the number of websites and possible content location (think photo-sharing sites) in the hundreds of thousands, it is crucial to be able to manage that effectively. iSyndica helps digital content and physical product sellers do just that. Upload Once, Sell Everywhere.

    iWeb Technologies India

    At iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we have developed AGILEWIZ™,(means Agile Wizard) – a Platform Technology on which applications are generated, which has already been copyrighted and the patent for which is already being pursued. Agilewiz™, a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS), is an Application Generator accompanied by a Knowledge Base which speedily creates multi-vertical & horizontal applications like ERP, CRM, SCM, HR, Payroll, Finance, Quality, Production, eCommerce, eGovernance, Education Management, Hotel Management, Hospital Management etc on the fly. In a true sense, the architecture of Agilewiz™ has been designed ground up and is independent of technology related limitations. Agilewiz™ therefore can be summed up as an innovative technology that works seamlessly across databases, which can, on-demand operate under various delivery models including SaaS, PaaS (Web 2.5), Cloud Computing platforms.

    Krazy Market Indonesia

    KrazyMarket is a specialty online marketplace that focuses on hobby, interest, unique, and collectible items. Our mission is to provide a place and tools for people to connect and trade specialty goods, in an easy and effective way. We offer our ShopSafe payment service and TitipJual selling service to help make trading easy for our community. Through our Krazy Deals games and offers, we give our community the chance to buy at "krazy" prices in a fun and entertaining way. We also strive to help the many special-interest communities in Indonesia meet online and share about their passions.

    Kuuukie China Kuukie prints personalized Mini Cards, Business Cards and other products that people can share with their family, friends, business partners and even strangers in their lives. - All you need to do is simply upload the images and we do the printing! - Card can have a different image to show your taste and fashion! - Each card can be customized to make a lasting impression!
    Medresa Indonesia Medresa will be consist of: 1. Medresa platform. This is an open source web 2.0 application, people can writing notes, share important URL, share multimedia or document file, discuss interesting topics, meet with people with same interest, ask questions to the expert, publish event, and also do some quiz. Every school, community, company, or training provider can download it with free and custom it. 2. This is a Medresa global community. Every site using Medresa platform and hosted in our hosting will feed content and connected. 3. Medresa on AIR. Medresa desktop application for help every people create attractive content easily. 4. e-learning consultancy.
    mChron Singapore mChron helps you analyse your daily life experiences and draw-out meaningful inferences. You use several different electronic tools that capture bits and pieces of your experiences in various silos. mChron unifies these various silos and allows you to do analytics. mChron’s personal analytics tools slices and dices the unconnected life experiences and provides an enjoyable and actionable environment. mChron puts you in the center and assists you in reminiscing, reliving and reflecting upon past experiences better preparing you to respond to present and future events. Thus, mChron connects you to yourself.
    Muecs Hong Kong Muecs Co. Ltd. was founded in 2009, by two young entrepreneurs Benjamin Law and Billy Leung. The company are focusing in the areas of web applications and social media. Muecs is a location based service that incorporate social gaming elements. It allow users to share their location activities with friends in a gaming fashion. Muecs rewards people points and achievements by complete orienteering quests, or snap the moment in spots. Users may win an actual goods in the special or featured spots. It is available in various smartphone devices and Internet web.
    Koprol Indonesia Koprol is a mobile community, where people have conversations based on places. Koprol has a growing directory of places where you can "check-in" and trade comments, share photos and reviews, with your friends and other people nearby. Koprol helps you discover new and exciting people and places in the world. While most social networks make you stay in front of the computer, Koprol goes with you as you roll around town and find friends to meet in real life. Koprol is designed for people in Asian cities. It has a well-moderated database of places. It works on any phone browser and doesn't require GPS
    myAdEngine Singapore Founded in 2009 in Singapore, is the easiest way for SMEs to advertise online. With advertising packages starting from USD $99, now anybody can get started advertising on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Facebook in seconds without the high costs of hiring an agency. MyAdEngine currently has users from over 13 different countries, and has recently just exceeded 1 million ads served. Small business customers like MyAdEngine for 3 main reasons - it is so simple to use and removes much of the complexity from directly using Adwords (Google's advertising product), it is more cost effective than hiring an agency, and its Analytics Engine saves them money by enabling comparisons between Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Facebook from a single chart. As online advertising continues to drive sales for innovative businesses in the region, MyAdEngine's offering of easy online advertising management is expected to become even more popular.
    OCR Terminal Singapore OCR Terminal is an online OCR service that allows users to convert scanned documents into editable text. OCR Terminal makes it easy for users to convert image formats (such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG and PDFs) to editable (DOC, TXT, RTF) and searchable document formats (searchable PDFs). OCR Terminal preserves the formatting and page layout. Performing OCR is straightforward - upload an image file, allow processing to complete and download the OCRed results. All users get 20 free pages a month and can purchase additional pages. OCR Terminal recently introduced an API that allows developers to integrate OCR in their applications.
    Pepperconn Singapore Pepperconn Pte. Ltd. is a provider of enterprise-class social media solutions to businesses. pepperconn’s solutions include a patent-pending SaaS (Service as a Software) platform that empowers enterprises to self-manage their own social media campaigns - featuring a social content & talents management system coupled with a talents database. pepperconn also provides end-to-end consultancy and a diverse qualified range of online talents – bloggers/writers, photographers, video producers, web developers/designers and social media consultants.
    Reevolo Pakistan Reevolo is a web service that helps you to answer the question “What do you want to be in life?” Leveraging on social networking tools, the web service provides paths to individuals to help them pursue whatever they want to be, whether it be an astronaut or a chef. There is also a path for individuals who are as yet unsure and want to explore their options. Reevolo is simply put, a career guidance service for the 21st century. Powered by a group of experts we provide guidance and assist individuals to find their true calling in life.
    Reserve Up Philippines ReserveUp lets you offer guaranteed online reservation for your hotel, resort, or guesthouse thru your website with zero-cash outlay. We provide you integrated online marketing & social media tools so that more travelers find out about you and book with you - and the back-end system to be able to accept and process those reservations. All this built on a flexible and open platform that can be integrated if you have an existing system. Tourists experience good deals and hassle-free travel by dealing directly with your own room booking software we provide that's under your brand. ReserveUp can also work as your primary in-house reservation system.
    Sambaash Singapore sambaash mission is to create and foster online environment for business communities to collaborate and benefit from their collective knowledge and experiences. sambaash’s vision is to enable meaningful conversations within these communities is achieved through its solution for online communities – sambaash 2.0 platform. sambaash was founded by a team of experienced business and technology professionals who have successfully provided business solutions across Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia for more than 25 years. We foster a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and a unique sense of partnership with our associates and clients alike, encouraging values that revolve around Respect, Excitement, Customer, Integrity, Passion and Enterprising.
    SocialWalk Malaysia Socialwalk builds communities around your event. We like to call it a dating and matching making website ... except its for businesses. Find out if potential clients, partners or investors are attending the same event as you!
    TaskSee Hong Kong Email overload? Lost files? Long meetings? is a service that enables teams to work on tasks together with more visibility and less hassle. Easily and securely include customers or vendors in your workflow. Track and share versions for large files. Keep communication together with the work progress on a task, including notifying and receiving confirmation or comments via email. Reduce email to action items needing attention. See when a task or project is at risk, before it becomes overdue. See the status of a project at any time, not just during a weekly meeting. Includes both Chinese and English interfaces.
    Textuate Singapore Textuate is a simple yet powerful bulk SMS web application that helps companies and individuals manage SMS marketing and announcements. Upload your contacts, manage groups ans send mobile marketing campaigns as easily as email. Textuate even allows you to textmerge your messages to personalize it for every recipient. Simple and affordable plans allow you to get started on your marketing campaigns straight away.
    tokopedia Indonesia Tokopedia is an online marketplace with a new concept of one-stop online shopping center that gathers both sellers and customers and facilitates them for a more secure and comfortable online transaction in Indonesia. Our main features, compared to the other e-commerce facilities in Indonesia: 1. Online market place, combined with social media facility, whereas users can open their online shops as simple as opening a social media account. 2. More secure transaction system, with our escrow account as a method of payment. Customers will get their orders done after their payments are verified, and sellers will get their money after orders are received complete by the customers.
    twitcasting Japan TwitCasting Live - lets you stream live video and tweet simultaneously from your iPhone TwitCasting enables you to stream live video just from your iPhone. Unlike other broadcasting services, TwitCasting is more focused on communication than broadcasting. TwitCasting is tightly integrated with Twitter to boost up the real time communication.
    Urbanesia Indonesia is an online lifestyle city directory dedicated to make city living fun and convenient by providing information for lifestyle and everyday needs. The location-based search helps users to find a business in a certain area. In Urbanesia, users are allowed to contribute contents such as reviews, photos, promotions and events for a business. More importantly, Urbanesia helps business owners to promote their businesses efficiently to people who actually need their products. Five months since its beta launch, Urbanesia is ranked 343th in Indonesia according to Ninety two percent of overall traffic is generated by Urbanesia’s SEO.
    Veldis Experience Singapore Concept: Embed a virtual 3D scene into your client’s website. Functionalities: Chat system – Visitor can meet each other virtually and have a chat inside the 3d environment. Free navigation – Visitor has a free navigation inside the 3D world Pre-program scenario - A scenario could be play and guide the visitor to each key point. Embed – The website is embedding into your web design. Design review – By allowing visitor to modify the scene on the spot you could communicate a 3D design very efficiently. Virtual meeting – Create a virtual meeting with few partners and client. Administrative mode – There is a wysiwyg editor that allow you to custom and modify your 3d scene.
    YBO Sales Platform Singapore YBO provides Inventory Management, Procurement, Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) all under one complete and responsive web based system, YBO's Inventory CRM. What you need is what you get - flexibility, local understanding with a global point of view. Time, efficiency and feature-rich management tools which provides you more flexibility in managing your business. In today’s aggressive on-line market, simply having a store front is never enough. Information to get your business to the next level is of the essence.
    YBO Sales Platform India In today's online travel industry, there is an imbalance between the compelling need of having a personalized tour itinerary planned and the intense focus on "booking travel". This need is getting demanding as more bargain-hungry people are coming online for shopping travel with specific preferences (connected multi-destination travel, combination of multi-transport types in a travel, multiple route options, both transit & destination stay etc). Unfortunately, the tools available today (online ticketing, guides, meta search etc), do not fulfill this need and leave open a glaring gap. With an online travel market size of over $200 Bn (Global), this need presents a huge opportunity to add value beyond ticketing to online travel shopping. This is where fits in with its unique Value Proposition.

    echelon2010 Startup Exhibition and Launching

    Thanks for applying to exhibit and launch your startup at echelon2010. We've received some stellar applications from Singapore, Indonesia, China, India, Philippines, Pakistan and many other countries. If you have any queries regarding the startups, feel free to contact us @ startup_echelon [at] e27 [dot] sg

    Testimonials From Startups

    “First, the organizers, e27, did an amazing job of not only organizing this conference, but getting big-shots from Cisco, Google, Salesforce and Skype to come down and share their insights. This is above and beyond anything I’ve seen in KL, and great both in terms of exposure and education for us.”

    Chak Onn Lau
    Featured Startup, unConference’09

    “Thanks to the kind folks at e27, who had put together an excellent program that brought together some of the top forward thinkers in the region.”
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