Workshops : Privacy and Social Media / Hacktivism

organisé par SMW Paris

AUP (American University of Paris)

Début : 10 février 2011 à 17:00

Fin : 10 février 2011 à 20:00

  • Education workshop


    Dans le cadre de la Social Media Week, Trang Minh Le and  The American University of Paris organise un workshop éducatif sur les Social Media suivi d'une table ronde sur le thème : "Hackivists in the Bully states: Understanding the role of media in Tunisia and Egypt?"




    American University Paris presents 2 panels

    Social Media and Privacy: Where is the Privacy

    Hactivism Panel- What is Happening in Tunisia and Egypt? What is the role of Social Media



    Education/Activism Panel

    Feb 10th; 5 pm - 830 pm at AUP;

    Grand Salon for  Privacy and Hacktivism

    2 Rooms for Workshop/Presentations

    These panels will be in English and French. The student presentations and workshop "How to Configure My Social Media Profile?"- This will be in French and English.

    5:00 - 6:30 PM - Panel 1: Education and Privacy

    Where: Grand Salon

    Educators will discuss how social media is being used by students, participants will hear insights from teachers and administrators about how students communicate via social media. Is privacy an issue or is it just hype ? 





    •  Denys Chomel , Director of Recruitment and Communications, Cifacom/Hetic, Moderator
    •  Claudia Roda, Director of Division of arts and sciences at AUP
    •  Mark Hayward, Professor, Global Communications
    •  Ann Borel , Director ,  Academic Resource Center
    • Dr Matthew Fraser, professeur à l'Université Américaine de Paris et maître de conférence 



    Room B and Room C  (next to Grand Salon)

    - We invite users who want to know how to make their profile safer? more accessible? Or just how it works

    Students will present power points on their views on social media and a variety of topics, travel and social media, privacy and social media, health and social media etc.  Also, there will be students available from 6:30 - 7:30 to help users, parents, studentsetc configure their social media profile e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc - how to make it more private, more accessible, how it works.





    7:00- 8:30 - Panel 2: Activism

    Where: Grand Salon

    Dans le cadre de la Social Media Week, The American University of Paris organise une table ronde sur le thème : "Hackivists in the  Bully states: Understanding the role of media in Tunisia and Egypt?"

    La table ronde se doulerera en anglais avec des interventions et questions en français


    - Waddick Doyle, Director of Global Communications

    - Odile Ambry, Honorary President of Internet Society France

    - Ziad Majed

    - Souad Halila ,Assistant Professor of History and Cultural Studies, University of Tunis Al-Manar

    - Justin McGuinness, Professor at AUP and Tunisia expert

    - Fabrice Epelboin , Directeur, Read Write Web , France



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