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    The clue to reversing diseases - understanding the invisible actors of our health

    Heidi Schulz, PhD

    M&Ms, but not the one your thinking of, influence our health in unthought-of ways. In spite of their small size, microorganisms that live in us (microbiome) and microRNAs, which are very small messengers copied from our genome, have powerful effects on our health. In the last years, investigations have shown that changes to the microbiome can help improve and revert a number of medical conditions, ranging from gastrointestinal diseases to mood disorders.
    And microRNAs, which are produced in our cells, but also absorbed from what we eat, can change the activity of more than half of our genes. Let us discover together, how through diet and lifestyle we can revert disease.




    Exercise as medicine

    Jason M. Aragon, MPH, B.S.

    Over the past decades, considerable knowledge has accumulated concerning the significance of exercise as the first-line treatment of several chronic diseases.  This workshop will explore the methodology for exercise prescription for non-transmissible diseases. By the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to: 
    Evaluate the fitness level of their clients in clinical practice - a practical an necessary starting point for all health professionals wishing to prescribe exercise /  Help their client choose physical activities or exercise modalities that fit their unique circumstances / Write an exercise prescription similar to how they would write a medication prescription / Identify and explain how exercise can help in reversing the client's specific NCD(s) / Estimate the contribution of exercise to the reversal of disease as part of a holistic, multidimensional lifestyle intervention answering the question : When is exercise the best cure and treatment?



    Cardiometabolic benefit of plant-based diet

    Hana Kahleova, M.D., Ph.D
    Cardio-metabolic disease, namely ischemic heart disease, stroke, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, represent substantial health and economic burdens.  Properly planned vegetarian diets are healthful, effective for weight and glycemic control, and provide metabolic and cardiovascular benefits, including reversing atherosclerosis and decreasing blood lipids and blood pressure.



    Nutrition as Therapy 

    Sara Salazar Winter, M Sc.
    Nutrition plays a crucial role, not only in the prevention, but also in improving, alleviating and reversing diseases. This workshop will present practical approaches in nutritional therapy for certain diseases, and shows the therapeutic value of fasting in context of natural healing.




    Healthy, Balanced Plant-based Diets in Sickness and Health

    Fred G. Hardinge, DrPH, RD, FADA
    Plant-based eating patterns are becoming more popular to support health, and often are advised to aid in healing. Not all plant-based diets are necessarily healthy, though. This presentation will provide guidance in choosing healthy, balanced diets to support health and help in the healing processes.






    Integrative oncology:  A new recognized approach 

    Raniero Facchini, MD

    In the last 20 years integrative oncology has been widely developed in several countries and became progressively recognized approach in the treatment of the cancer patient. In the workshop we will discover the 4 fundamental principles of the discipline: nutrition, physical activity, psycho-oncology, phytotherapy.





    Lifestyle therapies for mental illnesses 

    Neil Nedley, M.D.

    Dr. Nedley will explain lifestyle and nutritional therapies that have been proven to improve or in combination, even eradicate mental illness.  He will also explain how to know how to choose a particular therapeutic approach depending on the patient's symptoms and blood/brain chemistries.  Learn how lifestyle approaches have been shown to be superior to medication, but can also be added on to medical therapy.




    Health, Healing & Hope for Europe

    Chidi Ngwaba, MB BS

    The Purpose of this workshop is to show how we can help heal our European, secular communities with Lifestyle Medicine, and offer them much more than they anticipate:  Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit.
    This includes how to prepare and present programs, which will effectively, scientifically & safely reverse the Lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression, Obesity and many more. How to promote and advertise such programs to attract the general population of modern Europeans who are busy, skeptical, and have limited time &/or money. How to introduce the deeper, emotional causes of these diseases such as Stress, Anger, Guilt, Shame, a lack of Love & Forgiveness. Showing how we can offer permanent Healing & Hope in the Love and Forgiveness of Jesus. Remembering that it is an offer and not an obligation.



    Health Outreach - Serving individuals & communities  

    I want to live healthy" (50 Min)

    Zeno L Charles-Marcel, MD | Lidia Belkis Archbold MPH, BSN, RN 
    I want to live healthy is a methodology to promote a healthy lifestyle among church members and the community at large. It encourages improved physical, mental and spiritual health. It has received support from various church related organizations, such as health food companies, publishing houses, universities and health promotion agencies to diffuse its message. Its success has been so wide spread that it has caught the attention of government agencies. In parts of Latin America, the program is being implemented in public schools and other governmental agencies.


    Your Best Pathway to Health (50 Min)

    Don Mackintosh, BSN, MDiv
    "Your Best Pathway to Health" events serve the needs of the under-served through mobile mega-clinics that offer free medical, surgical dental, vision and other critical supporting services. This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear how members, leaders of faith communities and clinicians have come together to discover and meet the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of 1000's in large urban centers.  
    Actual examples will be given, and attendees will receive materials detailing the process used.  There will be a discussion of how the same principles might be utilized in a European context.

    -    30 Minutes Break 



    Starting & running a Lifestyle Center 

    Viriato Ferreira, MBChB
    Lifestyle Centers offer a residential experience in health education and lifestyle modification. They aim to empower individuals so that they may experience better physical, mental and spiritual health. This workshop will address important principles and provide practical examples on how to start and run a Lifestyle Centre today.





    Vision and objectives of the Adventist health care leaders network, in Europe and in the world

    Peter Landless, MBBCh, MMed, MFGP (SA), FACC, FASNC | Zeno L Charles-Marcel, MD l & Advent Care Network leaders

    Advent Care - European Adventist health network - which brings together health institutions leaders from the three European Divisions, proposes, for its members as well as for any other interested health care leader, a conversation with the Health Department of the General Conference around the themes of leadership and networking in the health care institutions and structures, as well as the important role of these institutions and structures in the mission of Church.





    Remission and Reversal of Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes for Clinicians

    Zeno L Charles-Marcel, MD

    By participating in this workshop, the clinician will be able to: Discuss the contemporary paradigm of chronic disease remission and reversal - Identify the most important pathophysiologic factors involved in prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes - Diagnose the prediabetes conditions and Type 2 Diabetes using the latest internationally accepted criteria - Estimate the likelihood of disease remission and reversal in any given patient - Discuss the three most common Diabetes Reversal procedures (processes) - Utilize a Diabetes Reversal Clinical Path © to guide the remission / reversal process -  Develop a diabetes reversal plan for a simulated patient after studying several real case scenarios.
    Using case scenarios, schematics, tables, scientific references, and personal clinical vignettes, the participants will be engaged in developing evidence-based approaches to guiding patients with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes through the process of remission / reversal in primary care and lifestyle center settings.




    Neuroplasticity and Mental Disorders: A paradigm shift for mental health treatment

    Daniel Binus, MD, MPH

    Neuroscientific research from recent years has clearly shown that the brain can change, even in adulthood. Exciting data support the integration of lifestyle principles in mental health treatment as the catalyst for neuroplasticity to heal mental disorders.





    Non-drug Strategies for High Blood Pressure

    David DeRose, MD, MPH

    As many as half the adult populations of Western nations are afflicted with high blood pressure, with the condition exacting enormous human and financial costs in terms of morbidity and mortality. Furthermore, rates of blood pressure control are far from optimal, in part due to widespread non-compliance with medication regimens. Thus it behooves all clinicians, as well as compassionate community members, to have more in-depth knowledge regarding non-drug strategies to address this pandemic. This workshop will provide a broad-based foundation for employing non-pharmacologic interventions for high blood pressure.



    A Merry Heart Does Good Like Medicine, But a Broken Spirit Dries the Bones: Simple Psychological Interventions From Matthew 6

    Carlos Fayard, Ph.D

    This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn simple psychological interventions to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression frequently found in individuals suffering from chronic medical illnesses. The strategies will be primarily be drawn from the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 6: 25-31, as well as from other relevant Scripture. The interventions are evidence-based and compatible with a Christian worldview. There will be opportunity to practice the skills.




    Case studies in Depression & Anxiety

    Neil Nedley, M.D.

    Dr. Nedley will give detailed cased reports to help the care giver know how to treat the most challenging cases in depression and anxiety.  Learn why all cases of depression and anxiety are NOT treated the same and how to supervise an individualized treatment plan with the purpose of eradicating depression and anxiety.





    Lifestyle Medicine Tools to Facilitate Treatment and Reversal of Heart Disease

    Anabel Facemire, MD, FACC

    Despite major improvements in the treatment of cardiac events, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death and disability in industrialized countries.  It is time to take control of this epidemic and get to the root of the problem.  This workshop will help you learn practical ways to empower your patients to beat heart disease.
    The objectives of this workshop are: to describe the benefits of lifestyle changes for cardiac patients - to identify methods that have been used successfully in clinical practice to reverse or halt progression of heart disease - to review the evidence for reversal of heart disease using lifestyle-related therapies - to discuss ways to implement these methods in your own practice -  to present practical nutrition tips for heart disease reversal -  to challenge physicians to use their practice to promote whole-person healing. 




    Health Outreach - Serving individuals & communities 

    Don Mackintosh, BSN, MDiv

    Total Community Involvement (TCI) - How to energize people in your church or institution - for meaningful service in your community.
    This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn how to work with the people in your church or school - to identify and then engage in meaningful service in the community.  Actual examples will be given from how students / staff / church members have joined together to discover and meet the needs of their community.  Attendees will receive copies of the materials that were used at Weimar Institute.


    Jesse S. Zwiker, BTh

    Start a health-based business/ministry in the 21 century
    This workshop will provide you with the best practice tools and modern methodologies (based on design thinking) on how to start your own small business/ministry without a lot of money. You will get real life examples of people using all kinds of businesses, from simple healthy fast food stands to mind-reading technology for quadriplegics, to serve to their customers. We will also look at how you can turn your church into a financially sustainable center for the community that is open seven days of the week. Besides brick and mortar business ideas such as smoothie bars and vegan kebap stands, we will be discussing about bringing traditional health ministry into the technology age (i.e. digitizing sanitarium work, utilizing artificial intelligence for social impact). Attendees will receive materials used by Hyvecamp detailing some of the methodologies and tools to take home and use.


    Fred G. Hardinge, DrPH, RD, FADA

    High Impact, Low Intensity Programs for the Long-Haul

    The traditional way of doing community health programs requires attendance several or more times per week for several weeks. This often limits the attendance and fatigues both participants and staff. The time has come to rethink and reframe our services to the community to make them more effective and sustainable.




    Filling the Lifestyle Prescription: Best Practices for Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change

    Lily Tryon, DNP, FNP-BC

    Coaching behavior change is an integral part of the lifestyle medicine skill-set. This workshop will introduce the coaching mindset and evidence-based behavior-change strategies needed for effectively guiding your patients to develop sustainable behavior change.  There will be significant interaction and activities to apply the principles to real practice situations.




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