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    Terminal for booking one in the Arrivals area, on the right. We recommend using the touchscreen terminal, as they are not allowed to park in front of the airport. In addition, do not, under any circumstances, take a taxi you had not booked beforehand.

    Taxi fares are around 1.7 RON (lei/km).

    We recommend Meridian Taxi, as they have more cars and the waiting time is shorter, but any company works as long as you find it listed on the terminal. Meridian Taxi charges 1.69 lei/km, for regular cars, and 1.99 lei/km for newer cars.

    Rin Grand Hotel is located at 23 km from the airport and, according to the company, a trip should cost between 40-45 lei (around 10 Euro) with a regular taxi and 50-60 lei (11-13 Euros).



    For those who want to use public transportation, we recommend the app Moovit, as it gives you all the needed details.Otherwise, Google Maps should also do a decent job.

    TO GO FROM THE AIRPORT TO THE HOTEL: you should take the following buses in this specific order:

    - First bus : 783 – Bus from airport to city center – One bus every 18 or 30 minutes according to day time. Go to last stop called "Piata Unirii/Unirii Square”

    - Second bus: 123/124 – take direction CET Sud Vitan / Vitan Mall – Go to the Stop called "Complex Comercial Vitan" right in front of an Auchan store. From here, you could enter and cross the store, and you’d get right in the bus stop from where you’d have to take the last bus, or you could turn right along Auchan and walk forward until you reach the bus stop for 102/181.

    - Third bus: 102/181 – Stop at "Complex Comercial Vitan Barzesti”

    The ticket booth is in front of the airport. You can ask the lady at the counter to give you an “electronic wallet” (electronic) charged with a certain amount (the trip from the airport to Rin Grand Hotel would cost you 6.2 lei, but you could charge it with the amount you think you’d need for your stay). If the bus is already in the bus stop, you could try to buy the ticket from the driver, but it would cost you 8.6 lei for a round trip.



    Right next to Rin Grand Hotel you can find Vitantis Shopping Center. Inside, you will find a Carrefour Express, and a bank (Groupe Societe Generale, right across from Carrefour) where you can also exchange money. The bank is also open on Sundays.On the upper floor of the small shopping center there are some places where you could eat, but they change frequently. There is one that has been there for the past few years, and that is SpringTime. SpringTime is not exactly a restaurant, but it is neither only a fast-food. You can find there salads (13 lei – a little less than 3 Euro), pizza (12 lei), falafel (11 lei), vegetarian burgers (9 lei – 2 Euro) etc.

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