International Conference for Environmental Specimen Banks

hosted by Federal Environment Agency, Germany

Permanent Representation of the Land Hesse, Berlin

Start: Monday, 15 Nov 2010 10:30

End: Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010 16:30

  • Abstract submission

    The call for abstract is now open. To submit your abstract please follow this link.

    Deadlines for abstract submission are: oral presentation: 30 August 2010, poster presentation: 30 October.

    We are kindly asking for abstracts to the following topics:

    Session 1: Why do we do specimen banking?

    • What are the protection goals of ESBs?
    • What have we achieved so far?
    • How do we sensitise policy makers for our work? 

    Session 2: Human biomonitoring

    • The global specimen?
    • What human specimens are archived by specimen bank concepts?
    • How can we integrate data from environmental and human biomonitoring?

    Sessions 3: Lessons learned from marine monitoring

    • What lessons have we learned from time trends and spatial distribution of pollutants in the marine environment?
    • How can we use the data for performance control of chemical policy?
    • What about food web analysis?

    Session 4:  What do recent time trends tell us?

    • Current data for existing problem substances and their substitutes,e.g. perfluorinated compounds,
      flame retardants, platicisers, antifoulings.
    • What are today‘s and tomorrow‘s challenges?

    Session 5: Networking

    • How can we build on what is working?
    • What initiatives are underway that can help us?
    • How are specific partnerships/ programs contributing to networking?
    • From grassroot movement to an institutionalised network?
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Event organiser: Federal Environment Agency, Germany
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