• Prague Tour

    On Thursday afternoon, 2nd May, the European Health Conference participants can take some time to visit Prague.

    The 3 Tour Guides available were specially designed for the European Health Conference participants.

    These tours are open only to participants, and are available in English, French, Spanish, German and Russian.

    You can book directly through the Guide Tour website.


    Prague Reformation tour - 500 CZK (20 €) 


    During the afternoon, discover the hotspots of the Reformation and find yourself exploring Prague in the light of its history.







    Prague Historical tour - 350 CZK (14 €)


    Enjoy a tour specialised on Prague's most famous monuments. Walk in the steps of the Bohemian kings and discovered the little side of Prague (Malá Strana) and its bucolic atmosphere.






    Prague Old and New with river cruise - 550 CZK (22 €)


    During this tour discover the real heart of Prague and its two most emblematic quarters. Then, let yourself enjoy some rest admiring Prague from the river Vltava during a river cruise.



  • Travel Information

    Passport and Visa

    EU citizens can stay or visit the Czech Republic indefinitely and without the need of a visa. Citizens of the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia can stay for up to 90 days with a passport. Those requiring a visa to visit the Czech Republic must have a passport valid for at least three months longer than the validity of the visa and a return or onward ticket (but usually not checked).

    Countries with the Visa Waiver Regime (for ordinary passport holders) – If you are in this group you can travel to the Czech Republic without the need of a visa for a certain period.


    Airport: Prague Ruzyne Airport

    Prague's only international airport, Ruzyne, is situated about 20 km north-west of Prague or about half an hour from the conference venue. Prague airport is equipped with all the necessary facilities and information desks.

    At arrivals you will find ATMs, currency exchange offices, travel agencies, car rental companies, taxis, left luggage facilities and a post office.


    Traveling from Prague airport to Diplomat Hotel

    Prague's RUZYNĚ Airport is located 15 km west of the city centre.

    From the airport the Diplomat Hotel can be reached by hotel shuttle (at CZK 550, approximately EUR 22 each way), by city bus or taxi.

    The city bus is cheap and effective! Bus 119 brings passengers from the airport to Dejvická metro station, next to the Diplomat Hotel. The bus ticket costs CZK 21 (approx. EUR 1). Buy the ticket in advance from a booth or from the yellow ticket machine, and stamp (validate) it when you get on the bus. The service is very frequent, and the travel time 10-15 minutes.


    Airport Address: 160 08 Prague 6, Czech Republic
    Airport Code: PRG
    Telephone: (+420) 2011 3314/321
    Number of Terminals: 3


    Czech Currency

    Czech currency is called Koruna (Kc or CZK). Bank notes are in denominations of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 CZK. Coins are of 1, 2 , 5, 10, 20 and 50 CZK. Koruna is then divided into 100 halers (h). The Czech crown has been fully convertible since 1991. Czech Republic do not use the Euro currency yet.

    It is possible to exchange cash and travellers' cheques in all banks, hotels and exchange offices.

    Exchange offices usually offer favourable rates but charge a rather high exchange fee.  Check the fee before exchanging currency. 

    Exchange Rates

    1 EUR buys approx 25 CZK; 1 USD buys approx 19 CZK; 1 GBP buys approx 30 CZK.  To c
    heck today exchange rates:
    click here


    Money Tips

    - Do not carry a large amount of cash.
    - Pay with credit card wherever possible. Limit the use of cash.
    - Avoid displaying the money in your wallet.
    - Do not leave your wallet on a table or elsewhere visible to others.
    Keep your wallet in a zipped or hidden pocket if possible. 


    Insurance Needs

    Please make sure to have a Travel and Medical Insurance Cover for your trip. Please note that any medical treatment or emergency travel is entirely the responsibility of each participant.



    There will be no facilities or personnel to provide for baby-sitting or age-related education for children and teenagers, however, teenagers who are interested in attending the conference are also welcome to register for the event.


    Weather | Dress

    The weather in May is the best Prague will see in a year. The weather is warm but not hot, and with flowers blooming everywhere the city is a wonder to be explored. The average afternoon temperature is a very comfortable 18 degrees Celsius, with an average low of 7 degrees. 

    We advise that you bring an umbrella or a rain coat as Prague sees an average of 77 millimeters of rain in May, and the weather can be highly changeable over a short period of time. Dress in layers to account for quickly changing conditions. Make sure to bring comfortable shoes as sightseeing requires a fair amount of walking.


    Prague Touring Possibilities:

    Click here to see the Map

    Attractions in Prague:

    Charles Bridge: dating back to 1357 this bridge was built to replace Judith's Bridge from the 12th century; now it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Prague, vibrant by day or night, scattered with vendors and entertainers. It offers some magnificent views especially early in the morning and around sunset.

    Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock: in the heart of the Old Town surrounded by charming baroque, Gothic and rococo architecture, Old Town Square is a great place to hang around, have lunch at one of its many cafes, hire a horse or buggy, browse at market stalls or just look at the Astronomical Clock.

    Prague Castle: This is the largest medieval castle in the world – the jewel of the Czech capital - and an enchanting large Cathedral. The castle contains an exhibition of Czech history and a collection of Bohemian art; the Prague Castle Gallery, Toy Museum, Powder Tower and Golden Lane are some of the places to see.

    Jewish Quarter: the oldest Jewish settlement in Europe, named after Emperor Josef II, consists of beautiful historic buildings comprising six synagogues. Discover the tragic part of Jewish history at the Jewish Museum.


    For the most beautiful views of the city visit:

    Old Town Hall Tower, Powder Tower, Old Town Bridge Tower, Lesser Town Bridge Tower, St Vitus, St Wenceslas and St Adalbert Cathedral Tower, Prague Castle ramp in Hradcanske namesti, Petrin Observation Tower, Letna Park - Hanauer Pavilion, belfry of the St Nicholas church, Zizkov TV tower, Vysehrad.


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