hosted by Evil Rising

Worcester City Centre

Start: 20 Jul 2019

End: 20 Jul 2019


    WANTED is your chance to act as fugitives, trying to outwit MI5, the CIA, the Russian Mafia, who all think you killed a leading Mafia Boss’s son. Oh, to top it off you’ll also be trying to land each other in more hot water!

    The experience is spread out through the streets of Worcester City Centre. Using your phone and your wits, fugitives will need to carry out the “dirty work” on behalf of MI6 whist evading detection. MI6 will then reward you with with your alibi for the crime allowing you to prove your innocence. After two hours, those left in the game will need to reach the Extraction Point.

    To make things even more interesting, once you’re caught you are “turned” and then become a hunter.

    Success is not certain; you will have to solve encrypted clues, collect proof that you’ve visited certain locations and gain the trust of certain characters, whilst always staying one step ahead of the people hunting you.

    IMPORTANT - the address shown on your ticket is NOT the address of the event. On April 20th 2019 all the relevant information will be uploaded to the members area of our website (www.evilrising.co.uk). It is your responsibility to download, read and understand all the information there. Depending which ticket you bought (A, B, C or D), that will determine  which start point you need to meet at. PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE A MAXIMUM OF FOUR PEOPLE IN YOUR TEAM. Any people over that will be required to form a seperate team of up to four.


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