FMM Keynesian Summerschool 2017

hosted by Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK)

IGM-Bildungszentrum Berlin-Pichelssee

Start: 30 Jul 2017

End: 05 Aug 2017

  • About the event

    FMM Summerschool 2017

    The summer school aims at providing an introduction to Keynesian macroeconomics and to the problems of European economic policies to interested graduate students (MA and PhD) and junior researchers. It will consist of overview lectures, a panel discussion, student study groups, and a poster session. The summer school will feature leading international researchers in the area, like Robert Blecker (US), Eckhard Hein (Germany), Stephen Kinsella (Ireland), Marc Lavoie (Canada), Asjad Naqvi (Austria), Maria Nikolaidi (UK), Özlem Onaran (UK), Thomas I. Palley (US), Miriam Rehm (Austria), Antonella Stirati (Italy), and Engelbert Stockhammer (UK) covering the following areas:

    • History and Fundamentals of Post-Keynesian Macroeconomics
    • Money and Macroeconomics
    • Financial Markets and Instability
    • Distribution and Growth
    • Income and Wealth Inequality
    • International and Development Economics
    • Growth and the Environment
    • Stock-Flow Consistent Modelling
    • Agent-Based Modelling
    • Labour Market and Unemployment
    • Economic Policy

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