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  • Future of Web Apps London 2009 - All you need to know

    Morning Workshops

    Copywriting fundamentals for the web (Relly Annett-Baker - http://poppycopy.co.uk/)

    This workshop draws on her experience to explore the fundamentals of copywriting for the web, why it should be your first consideration for both sites and apps, a DIY guide to copy, when to get a professional in and the most common mistakes rookie writers make.

    How to build with Facebook Connect and Add Social Context to your Website (Cat Lee - http://www.facebook.com)

    Facebook Connect is a powerful set of APIs for developers that lets users bring their identity and connections everywhere. Developers get access to a user's:

    * Identity: name, photos, events, hobbies, and more.

    * Social Graph: friends and connections.

    * Stream: activity, distribution, and integration points within Facebook, like stream stories and Publishers.

    We'll show you how to use this information to create more engaging experiences on your website and connect people everywhere.

    Building Web Apps Using Atlas (Francisco Tolmasky - http://280north.com)

    With the launch of Atlas, the team at 280 North redefined what is possible with web apps. In this workshop, you'll learn how to use Cappuccino, Objective-J and Atlas to create amazingly powerful web app user interfaces.

    How to Build Accessible Web Apps (Philip Strain - http://www.eclipticlabs.com)

    In this workshop you're going to learn how to make your web app accessible. Experts will walk you through the accessibility essentials you need to know and how to avoid common mistakes.

    Afternoon Workshops

    Kick-ass Online Marketing Techniques (Alex Hunter - http://www.virgin.com)

    How to get the biggest bang for your buck online and make your site stand out among the rest.

    How to Build a Web App from A-Z (Mike McDerment - http://www.freshbooks.com)

    Having a great web app idea is only the beginning of the fun. Taking that idea from your head and getting all the way to launch is no easy task and unfortunately there aren't any official instruction. So in this workshop, we are going to give you tips on the complete process of building a web app, from A to Z.

    Setting up Your Web App - Powerful Alternatives to LAMP (Chris Lea - http://www.virb.com)

    The Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP-Perl-Python (LAMP) stack is absolutely one of the most ubiquitous development platforms for web applications in the world. So much so that there are many who have never strayed outside the well known environment it provides. However, there are exciting software developments currently that may provide better solutions than the trusty LAMP setup.

    Site Building with Drupal (Addison Berry - http://www.lullabot.com)

    Drupal is a popular content management system (CMS) that powers a wide variety of dynamic, content-driven web sites. Its modular design means that thousands of modules can be used to add the functionality that your site needs without any custom programming.

  • Venue Details

    Venue Details

    FOWA Workshops will take place on 30 Septmeber at Wallacespace St Pancras. The main conference will take place on the 1st and 2nd October at the Kensington Town Hall.

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