Building the Future of Communities, Hosted by giffgaff

hosted by SMW London

EHS 4D Group, 6th Floor, 6 Briset Street, London

Start: Thursday, 10 Feb 2011 13:00

End: Thursday, 10 Feb 2011 16:00

  • Building the Future of Communities

    A group of community specialists will discuss and debate openly about what we have to do now to build future communities. We will begin with defining what communities are now and define what we would like them to look like - embeddable chips, Virtual worlds, augmented reality, thinking hives, a meta loop of tech with a social layer on top - the posibilities are endless.

    But if we want this to be our future, we need to create the building blocks now to get there. This public roundtable will be open to the public who will feed in questions and comments as we try to figure out what we need to do next to advance what we are already doing.

    Speakers include:

    • Ian Hughes (epredator)
    • Desigan Chinniah (Mozilla)
    • Seth Bindernagel (Mozilla)
    • Andy Piper (IBM)
    • Kerry Bridge (Dell)
    • Guy Stephens (Fovience)
    • Heather Taylor (giffgaff)
    • Vincent Boon (giffgaff)
    • Craig Walmsley (EHS 4D Group)
    • Jem Stone (BBC)

    This is a community cove/ giffgaff event as part of Social Media Week London. To see more about community cove or to register for their community unconference, please go to

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    6th Floor, 6 Briset Street EC1M 5NR London United Kingdom
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