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    Thursday January 20, 2011 -- Day 1: Conference Sessions

    8:00 -- 9:00 Registration & Networking
    Networking, Morning Refreshments. Register, meet other attendees.
    9:00 -- 9:10 
    Opening Remarks
    The first symposium focused on Gamification officially opens.
    9:10 -- 9:20

    What is Gamification? 
    Gamification is on everyone’s lips these days. Using game-like mechanics and systems to increase fun and engagement is a relatively new and expansive topic, subject to much debate and dialogue. Without a doubt:  If "engagement" is the super metric of the next decade, then "gamification" is its elixir. What do we mean by gamification, featuring Wanda Meloni

    Wanda Meloni, Founder & Senior Analyst, M2 Research

    To mark this first-ever conference on an emerging field that will touch just about every business and social sector, we are pleased to exclusively unveil the first-ever research around codifying the size and growth potential for gamified goods, services and brands. Audience members will hear Wanda Meloni, M2 Research,  describe for the first time the important findings of this one-of-a-kind months-long ressearch.

    9:30 -- 10:00

    Opening 2011 Keynote
    A Long Engagement and a Shotgun Wedding: Why Engagement is the Power Metric of the Decade

    Pageviews and MAU/DAU are dead. In our new, gamified world, we need a more powerful metric that easily conveys to advertisers, investors and even consumers, how engaging are our sites, apps and experiences. In this barnstorming keynote, Conference Chair and author of "Game Based Marketing" , Gabe Zichermann,  will share the latest insights from his research on engagement metrics. Gabe will share the state of the art and lay out a clear path for you to measure your consumer engagement to maximize ROI and make the right decisions. Learn how Zynga and other successful social game design companies live and breathe metrics, and how you can bring that same discipline to your engagement marketing and design.

    Gabe Zichermann, Chair, The Gamification Summit

    10:00 -- 10:30
    Gamification in the Real World: Location, Commerce and User Experience
    The era of location-based games is here. Increasingly, marketers have learned that location-based services provide a fun, immediate and very context-driven mechanism for customers new and old to interact with their product, fundamentally changing the way we do business. How have successful companies tapped into people's everyday, real-world activities to enable ground-breaking new levels of user engagement? In this session, panelists will describe key strategies marketers, strategists and user experience experts utilize to effectively leverage location-based services as part of their product plans. This lively and sometimes contrarian group will describe how game mechanics are involved in these innovative marketing programs. Hear tangible examples of how companies have increased engagement using these location-based services and find out what makes it emotional and fun? Get an answer for how location-based gamification contributes to the bottom line in terms of revenues, reach and overall brand strategy.

    Geoff Lewis, CEO, Topguest
    Brian Morrisroe, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, Booyah
    Blake Scholl, CEO, Kima Labs (Barcode Hero)
    Evan Tanna, Vice President of Product Management, shopkick
    Moderated by  Jenn Van Grove, Social Media Reporter, Mashable
    10:30 -- 11:00

    Networking & Refreshments
    A brief break followed by a very special case study.

    11:00 -- 11:30
    Case Study
    USA Networks
    Hear how USA Networks has "gamified" its properties in this in-depth case study. 

    Jesse Redniss, Vice President, Digital, USA Network 
    11:30 -- 12:00
    Afternoon 2011 Keynote
    Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
    More than 174 million Americans are gamers, and the average young person in the United States will spend ten thousand hours gaming by the age of 21. According to world-renowned game designer Jane McGonigal, the reason for this mass exodus to virtual worlds is that videogames are increasingly fulfilling genuine human needs. In this groundbreaking exploration of the power and future of gaming, McGonigal reveals how we can use the lessons of game design to fix what is wrong with the real world, boost global happiness and create engagement that transcends commerce.  Jane McGonigal's work has helped define this new medium of gamification with a world view that combines elements of reality and fantasy. She believes that we live every story we experience and we really do transform ourselves in this process to become every game we play.  Her insights have been compared to plutonium in that they are elegant, concise, and pack an enormous amount of force.
    Followed by Q & A with Liz Gannes, Senior Editor, All Things Digital
    Jane McGonigal   
    Jane McGonigal       Liz Gannes
    12:30 -- 1:30

    Lunch, Book Signing
    Enjoy lunch.  Summit keynote speaker Jane McGonigal's book, "Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World", will be available for sale and signing.

    1:30 -- 2:00
    On the Front Line: The Best and Worst of Gamification
    Products and services with gamification elements are attracting funding, buzz and loads of marketer interest. Everyone knows they are out there and some work better than others, so what are the real secrets behind their success?  Find out how these innovative companies utilize “crowd-based behavior”  to convert online shoppers into actual retail buyers. The panelists for this session lead companies that have broken ground in terms of delivering new and refreshing ways to make e-commerce fun, engaging and profitable. They will discuss how various game mechanics are used in their offerings to appeal to different kinds of online shoppers and their motivations around gaming. Audience members will walk away with a clear understanding of the underlying components of the applied game mechanics as well as tips for how gamification may fit into their overall product plans and strategies.
    Amy Jo Kim, Founder, Shufflebrain
    Josh Kramer, Founder & Managing Partner, Leapfrog Builders
    Kes Sampanthar, Director of Media, Cynergy Systems
    Sebastian Deterding, UX Designer & Researcher, Coding Conduct
    Nicole Lazzaro, CEO, XEODesign

    Moderated by Tim Chang, Principal, Norwest Venture Partners
    2:00 -- 2:30
    Case Study
    Bing Rewards
    From its very inception, Microsoft’s Bing set out to disrupt the search market, and gamification has always been part of the mix. By thinking about search in fun, new ways, Bing Rewards has had both notable successes and challenges in engaging audiences and making sustainable long-term economics. Most Recently Bing's rewards program gives people opportunities to earn credits -- redeemable for various rewards -- just for searching and exploring Bing. Bing's Neal Freeland will give an in-depth look into the successes, challenges and history of building a rewards program around non-traditional interactions like search. From their exhaustive analytics, Freeland will share key metrics and lessons that can be leveraged to create meaningful, scalable engagement. Audience members will walk away from this session with kep tips and insider insights from one of the world’s leading gamification initiatives.
    Neal Freeland, Bing
    Neal Freeland, Director, Bing
    2:30 -- 3:00
    Beyond Transmedia: Gamifying Major Media Properties
    With all the talk about “gamification”, traditional media companies have jumped on board in unique, entertaining and innovative ways to gamify their properties – all with the goal of standing out in a crowded market, vying for the attention of increasingly fragmented audiences and deepening the “fun factor” that people associate with their brands. More and more, traditional media companies are making bold moves to deliver their content in new and refreshing ways, many of which involve elements of gamification.  Hear from stakeholders in the new gamification of media properties movement – tech-focused content owners and media companies willing to share insight on their current gamification strategies and various success stories -- all with an eye on how this blockbuster trend will reshape our experience of media.   Audience members will hear first-hand how gamification happens at all levels of traditional media and the forces that will shape our interactive future.
    Manny Anekal, Global Director of Brand Advertising, Zynga
    Ian Bogost, Professor, The Georgia Institute of Technology
    Geoff Cook, CEO, myYearbook
    Greg Johnson, Vice President, Digital Ventures, Playboy Enterprises
    Jesse Redniss, Vice President, Digital for USA Network 

    Moderated by Jay Baage, VP of Content & Business Development Digital Media Wire
    Coffee Break
    Enjoy some coffee followed by a media discussion
    3:30 -- 4:00
    Case Study
    American Gamester: Gamifying the Launch of Jay-Z's "Decoded"
    Rapper Jay-Z’s recently-released memoir “Decoded” turns reading back into a game for adults with a new campaign sponsored by Bing and headed by New York ad agency Droga5. Not relying just on traditional marketing, pages from the book are printed in secret locations.

    This epic scavenger hunt takes place as much online as it does in the real world. For its part, Bing launched interactive 3D maps that allows users to search the streets of New York, L.A., New Orleans, Miami, London (all cities mentioned in the book) and more, letting users look for clues. The grand notion is to have players find, “decode” and assemble the book together online. Interactive design experts Area/Code designed the gamified elements of this monumental  project. In this in-depth case study of how they went about gamifying a book online and in real-life, Area/Code GM and Executive Producer Demetri Detsaridis discusses this historical marketing campaign.
    Demetri Detsaridis
    Demetri Detsaridis, General Manager & Executive Producer, Area/code
    4:00 -- 4:30
    To Redeem, or not to Redeem: Designing Scalable Point Systems that Engage and Excite
    Points and Virtual Currency are at the heart of gamification and engagement systems - but what makes a good point system great, and how do you avoid the biggest pitfalls of designing virtual economies? Should you focus on big redeemable point systems or design around experience and skill points? Do you need to run a dual-point economy as has become the rage in social gaming circles, or will a great XP system suffice? When should you partner with big point issuers like Facebook Credits or Airline Programs, and when should you go it alone? What critical design and customer service impacts do point economies create? From the front line of the virtual economy craze, this panel brings together some of the sharpest minds - and pencils - for a lively debate around best practices, pitfalls and achieving perfection.
    Noman Ali, CEO, Peanut Labs
    Amit Fulay, Product Manager, Google
    Mark Michael, Co-founder, EVO Media Group (DevHub)
    Caryl Shaw, Live Producer, ngmoco
    Samantha Skey, CRO, RecycleBank

    Moderated by Dean Takahashi, Lead Write for GamesBeat, VentureBeat
    4:30 -- 5:00
    The Elephant in the Room: Managing Legal Risk in Gamification &  Virtual Economies
    In this rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment, new issues are arising weekly, and there's a lot you need to know to manage risk. From bank secrecy to gift card laws to the local, national and international stage, gamification is rewriting the legal landscape.  Hear from James Gatto, Partner at Pillsbury, Winthrop, and one of the world’s leading experts on this topic.  He will share his expert knowledge of the latest risks, opportunities and strategies to manage virtual goods, economies and communities in our gamified world.
    James Gatto, Partner, Pillsbury Winthorp Shaw LLP
    5:00 -- 6:00
    Hot Seat Panel --  Exclusive
    Gamification Platform Hot-Seat
    So you want to "gamify" your product or brand, but don't want to spend the time and money building a platform from scratch? Fortunately, there are some top-notch gamification platform solutions out there to suit any business -- and more are coming out by the day. All of these options make it easier than ever to add gamification services, allowing you to really focus on boosting that all-important engagement metric. Choice is good, but as these new gamification platforms emerge and existing platforms evolve, how do you decide which one is right for you?  In this panel, we put leading gamification platform companies in the first-ever Gamification Platform Hot-Seat. Find out first hand how these platforms differentiate themselves in terms of overarching features, ease of integration, various cost structures and other services.
    Kris Duggan, CEO, Badgeville
    Ryan Elkins, Founder & CEO, IActionable
    Rajat Paharia, Founder & Chief Product Officer, Bunchball
    Keith Smith, Co-Founder & CEO, BigDoor Media
    Investor Panelists
    Glenn Entis, Partner, Vanedge Capital
    David Feinleib, Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures
    Jay Levy, Principal, Zelkova Ventures

    Moderated by Charles Hudson, Co-Founder, Bionic Panda Games
    6:00 -- 6:15
    Closing Remarks
    Gabe Zichermann, Chair, The Gamification Summit
    6: -- 7:30*

    Cocktails, Networking
    Closing remarks followed by cocktails, wine and beer.

    *Our media partner, TechCentralSF, will hold "The Startup Crawl - Game Edition" starting at 6:30pm!  Admission to this fun filled after party is free for GSummit attendees. Join us as we crawl through several of the hottest game companies in SF!

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    9:30-5:30Gamification Workshop: A Full Day, Hands-On Experience Learning and Building Gamification into your Product/Service  
      Amy Jo Kim, CEO, Shufflebrain
    (including) Tech Talks by Big Door, BunchBall on Using their APIs for Gamification Development  
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