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  • Overview of the workshops (you can only attend one workshop as they run in parallel!)


    Workshop 1: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®: Effective communication through creativity
    Communication is about words, web and videos, but not only ! It is also about engagement, and that requires clarity and creativity. Engagement means constructively sharing ideas and concepts and leveraging on the collective intelligence. Engagement can be achieved through thinking and imagining in 3 dimensions. the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology extends the reflection process and stimulates effective dialogue. The LEGO® modelling process inspires discussion and knowledge sharing. It fosters creative thinking to help uncover unique solutions and create the radical and the new.

    Workshop 2: Using your voice for greater influence in meetings, presentations, and everyday interactions
    The human voice is a fascinating tool, providing the bridge between our inner thoughts and the outer world. Yet, we tend not to pay much attention to our own voice, or to see it as a given that we can’t change. If you want to enhance your influence as a speaker, it’s time to start consider your voice as a true communications tool. Beyond the basics of transmitting the intended words in a way that others can hear them, there is a wealth of techniques you can use to sound more engaging, assertive, and powerful.

    Workshop 3: Video for communicators: creation, editing, dissemination on social media
    Communicating through images is increasingly important in a globalised environment. Communicators are confronted with increasing pressure to produce, process and disseminate content. Without the necessary experience this process can be lengthy and difficult. This workshop will help communicators learn how to create a video strategy, which includes planning, gathering content and preparing it for dissemination through and most appropriate social media channels. 

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Three professional development workshops for communication professionals - 27 January 2017


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    Webster University Geneva Route de Collex 15 Bellevue 1293 Geneva Switzerland
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