Good Morning 2020 is for those who look beyond their own industry for ideas on how to stay competitive in the future. We are strong believers in inspiration and innovation from unlikely sources, and therefore Good Morning 2020 gathers smart individuals from many different disciplines, challenging you to bend your mind.



    Registration and breakfast mingle


    Moderator kicks off the event

    Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter and Speaker of the year 2009, Pattern Recognition.

    Design of the future

    Banny Banerjee, Director of the Design Program at the, Stanford, will talk about driving future change through design thinking and how this will change the way we operate in business.

    Radical optimism

    Magnus Larsson, Architect/ designer, will reveal what we can do when life feels hopeless, how can we think beyond biomimicry and how bacteria can be used in unexpected ways.

    Announcement of the Global Entrepreneurial Challenge Award

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    Coffee break activities

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    Extreme consumers and fanatic fans

    Alf Rehn, internationally recognised business thinker, author and speaker, will discuss how to build a business that people really care about to the point that your customers care more about it than you do.

    Making movies 2.0 – crowd sourcing and crowd funding

    Hanna Sköld, Writer and Director at Tangram Film, Malmö, will speak about the possibilities within participatory storytelling in the creative process, the financing and the distribution of movies.

    The third industrial revolution?

    Robin Teigland, Associate Professor at Center for Strategy and Competitiveness, SSE, will explore new value creation activities through social media and virtual worlds.

    Lunch break activities

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    Keynote interview

    Bruce Nussbaum, former Editor of Design and Innovation at Business Week and Professor of Innovation and Design at The New School at the Parsons School for Design.

    Panel: The intrapreneurial organisation?

    Kathleen Fiorello (Vice President Nordic Countries at American Express), Klas Karlsson (founder and CEO at Talentia AB) and the intrapreneur of the year Marianne Norelius (Apoteket) will join the discussion.

    Staying entrepreneurial when growing big

    Sorosh Tavakoli, Founder and CEO of Videoplaza, will talk about the art of scaling a tech company whilst trying to remain as much start-up as possible

    Coffee break activities

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    The zero capital business

    Doug Richard, Founder of School for Start-ups in the UK, former BBC Dragon, serial entrepreneur and investor, will discuss how innovation is becoming the new scarce resource.

    Acne – combining art & industry

    Mikael Schiller, Executive Chairman of Acne Studios, will talk about cross disciplinary work and Acne's ambition to combine art & industry in order to create a contemporary and progressive fashion label.

    Outro and good night

    Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter and Speaker of the year 2009, Pattern Recognition.

    Drinks and mingle

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