Once again the Good Morning conference brings together some of the most interesting and radical thinking business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the globe. Through their own distinct perspectives, they will provide inspiration and guidance on how to stay competitive in the future.


    Magnus Lindkvist

    Magnus Lindkvist, of Pattern Recognition, is one of Europe's leading trendspotters. With a background in management consulting and filmmaking, he fuses the quantifiable world of business with the imaginative field of futurology. Magnus is an active member of TED, the world's leading trend gathering organisation in California, and initiator of the SSES course Trendspotting and Future Thinking. Last year, Magnus was awarded Speaker of the year by Talarforum.

    On the main stage

    Banny Banerjee

    Banny Banerjee, is Associate Professor and Director of the Stanford Design Program, d.school at Stanford and also Director of the Design for Change Center at Stanford. He is an internationally recognized expert in Design Thinking methodologies, and has been advancing innovation techniques that would drive large scale changes in short time frames. He career includes 20 years as a designer and innovation strategist.

    Design of the future

    Banny will talk about driving future change through design thinking and how this will change the way we operate in business.

    Doug Richard

    Doug Richard is a serial investor and entrepreneur, who is recognised by most people from his days as a BBC Dragon. Over the last 20 years Doug has founded and sold a number of companies including Visual Software and ITAL Computers. In 2008 he founded the School for Start-ups in the UK, which is dedicated to helping people start better more profitable start-ups. According to the BBC, Doug is quoted as saying that he directly invests in three new firms each year for every 3,000 requests he receives.

    The zero capital business

    Doug will talk about how innovation is becoming the new scarce resource.

    Bruce Nussbaum

    Bruce Nussbaum is a leading advocate for design thinking and innovation. Over the last year or so, Bruce has transitioned himself from Managing Editor of Design and Innovation at BusinessWeek to Professor of Innovation and Design at The New School at the Parsons School for Design. While he maintains a contributing editor title at BusinessWeek, blogging, videoing and writing for the magazine, his focus is now on guiding the next generation of innovators.

    Good Morning Interview

    Bruce is the year’s Keynote interviewee, where you get an opportunity to put forward your questions.

    Robin Teigland

    Robin Teigland, Associate Professor at the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Robin researches the creation and diffusion of knowledge in social networks and the impact on competitive advantage. She is currently investigating how virtual worlds and social media enable firms to create value outside their boundaries. In 2008 Robin received the "Researcher of the Year" award at SSE.

    The third industrial revolution?

    Robin will speak about exploring new value creation activities through social media and virtual worlds

    Alf Rehn

    Alf Rehn is a Professor of Management, an internationally recognised business thinker, author and speaker. He currently holds the Chair of Management and Organization at Åbo Akademi University in Finland, and previous to that he was Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Royal Institute of Technology. Throughout the years Alf has also taught at numerous universities around the globe.

    Extreme consumers and fanatic fans

    Alf will discuss how a business can be built around consumers that won't accept you defining and controlling everything, as well as how we can create something that people really care about, to the point that your customers care more about it than you do.

    Sorosh Tavakoli

    Sorosh Tavakoli, Founder and CEO of Videoplaza, one of Sweden's fastest growing start-ups based in Stockholm and London. Videoplaza is the leader in video ad serving solutions in Europe, working with leading broadcasters, newspaper publishers and other premium media owners. The platform enables publishers to monetise online video content regardless of where it’s being consumed. Sorosh, has a degree from the Royal Institute of Technology and SSES, and has worked for SVT and the VOD site SF Anytime.

    Staying entrepreneurial when growing big

    Sorosh will talk about the art of scaling a tech company whilst trying to remain as much start-up as possible.

    Mikael Schiller

    Mikael Schiller is Executive Chairman and co-owner of Acne Studios, one of Sweden's most progressive fashion labels born out of the creative collective Acne. During Mikael's time with the company, the firm has grown internationally from 13 MSEK in turnover to over 500 MSEK today with stores in Paris, London and NYC. Before Mikael became president of Acne Studios, he had a brief carrier as an investment manager at Spray Ventures, a psychology teacher as well as a fireworks entrepreneur. Mikael graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics in 2004 and occasionally still visits the school as a guest lecturer.

    Acne – combining art & industry

    Mikael will talk about cross disciplinary work and Acne's ambition to combine art & industry in order to create a contemporary and progressive fashion label.

    Magnus Larsson

    Magnus Larsson is a London-based architect with a background in journalism and advertising. He is currently dividing his time between heading the Innovation Design department at the UK arm of international architecture firm, HOK, and setting up the physical strand of digital agency LBi, as their Creative Director Experiential. Magnus is best known for his Dune project – Arenaceous Anti-desertification Architecture, which he presented to a world audience at TED Global in 2009.

    Radical optimism

    Magnus will share his experiences from creative development. He will show what we can do when life feels hopeless, how we can think beyond biomimicry, and how bacteria can be used in unexpected ways.

    Hanna Sköld Writer and Director at Tangram Film, Malmö. Hanna explores new ways of participatory storytelling and financing models for independent art. What happens when art goes from being a product to consume and judge, to being a process where the storytelling itself facilitates meetings between humans? In 2009 she had a worldwide release and distribution of Nasty Old People at The Pirate Bay – the first feature ever distributed through file sharing with a CC-licence

    Making movies 2.0 – crowd sourcing and crowd funding

    Hanna will speak about the potential and possibilities within participatory storytelling – in the creative process, the financing and the distribution of movies.

    Kathleen Fiorello, is Vice President, Head of Merchant Services for Nordic Countries with American Express. She is responsible for advancing American Express acceptance in the Nordics and does so through a team of client managers, sales, marketing and servicing/operations members. Her career with American Express spans 15 years in a variety of roles including business development, client management and marketing. She is past executive board member of a not for profit in NYC and a recipient of numerous American Express leadership awards.

    Panel: The intrapreneurial organisation?

    Kathleen will join the intrapreneur of the year in a panel discussion.

    Klas Karlsson - founder and CEO at Talentia AB. The company has recruited growth oriented executives and specialists for growth orientated companies since 1999. Through the talent network Talent for Growth, Talentia has taken yet another step towards predicting possible growth talent among individuals. Klas has a BSc in Business Administration and in Human Resources from Lund University and intrapreneurial experience from Siemens and StoraEnso.

    Panel: The intrapreneurial organisation?

    Klas will join the intrapreneur of the year in a panel discussion.

    Marianne Norelius, health strategist at Apoteket, is the newly elected Intrapreneur of the year 2010. She has been awarded for her exceptional creativity and drive in creating the business requirements needed for the former monopolist Apoteket in the now privatized market place.

    Panel: The intrapreneurial organisation?

    Marianne will join the panel discussion.

    Break activities

    Eric Wahlforss

    Eric Wahlforss, is Co-founder and CTO of Berlin-based SoundCloud. His main interest lies in emerging web technologies and their applications. His love for music and background as electronic music artist Forss play key roles in his work on SoundCloud. Before moving to Berlin and starting SoundCloud he co-founded web consultancy network Strategy & Interaction in Stockholm and co-authored a book on trust in online social spaces. Earlier he worked as an interaction designer for location-based services company gate5. Eric took three courses at SSES in 2004.

    Your sounds from anywhere to everywhere

    Eric will talk about the future of media distribution.

    Mattias Fyrenius

    Mattias Fyrenius, will start his new position as Strategy and Development Director at KF Media in December. Mattias was previously Director of TV4 New Media, where he headed all internet, mobile and teletext investments. Before joining TV4, Mattias worked for Schibsted, responsible for internet and mobile investments within Svenska Dagbladet, which included SvD.se, N24.se, Jobb24.se and Tasteline.com.

    The author, the book and the reader 2020

    Mattias will talk about trends and observations affecting the future of the book industry.

    Peter Alvarsson

    Peter Alvarsson, Founder and CEO of Headweb, Scandinavia's leading on-demand service for movies. Together with developers from all over the world the team behind Headweb has created an award winning service and they are now one of the leading players on the market. Peter Alvarsson is a true entrepreneur and also the founder of Sharity.org that he created together with Andreas Vural during the 24 Hour Business Camp.

    The future of the movie industry

    Peter will explore some intresting trends and share his vision of the future movie industry.

    Joakim Jardenberg

    Joakim ”Jocke” Jardenberg, is Founder and CEO of Mindpark AB. He is senior advisor in all things internet and media. Old, new, digital. Some call him a social media therapist. CEO whisperer, Business angel and investor in early stage tech startups like Videoplaza, Planeto and more. Joakim writes, lectures, speaks, facilitates and moderates large and small groups

    Entertainment & Media 2020

    Joakim will moderate the Entertainment & Media 2020 track.

    Victor Jacobsson

    Victor Jacobsson, is a Stockholm School of Economics graduate, and one the founders of Klarna. He is in other words one of the three friends who've made the company into the Nordic regions most successful e-commerce company.

    What start-ups can teach big companies

    Victor will talk about the advantages of being a start-up, the importance of culture and how innovation can be sending one piece of paper instead of two.

    Honour Pearson

    Honour Pearson, has been helping start-ups and new company divisions grow and expand into new territories over more than 10 years, while being based in each of the United States, Germany and Sweden. Companies for which she has worked included Classified Ventures, owner of Cars.com in the US; Lycos Europe; Jamba; VeriSign; and Momail. In her business development roles, she has also closed multinational partnerships with Yahoo!, Fox Mobile and Nokia, among others.

    When culture matters

    Honour will talk about differences in the start-up environments between US, Germany and Sweden.


    Klas Karlsson, is the founder and CEO of Talentia. He has a BSc in Business Administration and in Human Resources from Lund University and intrapreneurial experience from Siemens and StoraEnso.

    Take control of your own competence, be a free Agent

    Klas believes that the majority of highly competent people will become free agents in the future, as they request more challenges and the opportunity to decide how to spend their professional time. Hear his advice on how to get started if you want to become your own employer

    Gustaf Josefsson

    Gustaf Josefsson, is the founder of Entreprenörsjakten and chairman of Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden. He is an entrepreneur with a passion for philosophy and employs his entrepreneurial mindset to question our beliefs about reality and experiment with the world, looking for ways to unleash the creative potential of humanity. Having 15 years of involvement in participatory culture, Gustaf understands the power of self-government and open collaboration.

    Entrepreneurship is dead

    Gustaf will talk about the buzzword of the 21st century and explore what will happen when everyone is an entrepreneur.

    Andrey Zhukov

    Andrey Zhukov, is an SSES alumni and a MSc student in ICT Entrepreneurship at KTH. He believes in technology and lives on its edge, while also thinking that we need to make it more human. In 1999 he started one of the earliest software companies in Ukraine and later on worked on a Google Earth pre-runner; Cycore Globen. Andrey co-designed IPdrum solution allowing free international mobile calls via Skype with another start-up. He is currently working on a behaviour design framework for consumer services.

    Rules for persuasion

    Andrey will talk about how the latest technology provides tools to influence people, change their beliefs and behaviours.

    Mathias Gullbrandson

    Mathias Gullbrandson, has a vast experience in storytelling, experience based design and innovation processes from his 13 years as a professional consultant. For his executive master in Creative and cultural leadership at the Portsmouth University he is currently exploring "How might Design Thinking best be applied to gain competitive advantages in a service and experience economy?" The foundation of Mathias' business philosophy is that a combination of long lasting commitment, motivation and loyalty of co-workers and customers is the most powerful success factor of the service and experience based business climate of today.

    Design thinking in a service and experience economy

    Mathias Gullbrandson, founder and CEO of The Story Lab, will talk about what advantages storytelling and elements from game design can add to the concept of design thinking.

    Paula Marttila

    Paula Marttila, is freelance online strategist, with digital media technologies as specialty. She has her background within Schibsted, having spent eight years developing online media, ad solutions and premium services at Aftonbladet, largest daily newspaper in Sweden. Paula is Finnish startup evangelist living in Sweden covering the Nordic startup scene, previously at ArcticStartup, now on her own blog paulamarttila.com and Silicon Valley blog Bub.blicio.us. She's also frequent mentor of European startups at micro seed fund program Seedcamp.

    If you don't give back, no one will like you

    Paula Marttila, online strategist, will talk about contributing, the core element of building personal brand and great business on the social web.

    Karina Töndevold, left her role as Marketing Manager at SSES in 2006 to move overseas. She ended up spending 4 years in London and Amsterdam, working in digital marketing at agencies such as AKQA, helping clients like Sky and Nike. When she returned to Stockholm, she joined Demoskop to analyse brands and marketing communication. Karina was once a student at both Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University.


    Karina will be moderating the Unconference track.

    Terrence Brown

    Terrence Brown, Founder and CEO of Cogeneration, Startup Academy and Associate Professor at Indek, Royal Institute of Technology, combines entrepreneurship research and lecturing with practical advice and coaching for young entrepreneurs. Dr Brown was previously the Dean of SSES and is still one of SSES strongest supporters.

    Business Model Innovation

    Join Dr Terrence Brown in an open discussion about business model innovation and discover new opportunities for your business.

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