This year we have scheduled more time for networking with longer breaks throughout the day. However, for those of you who cannot get enough of interesting speakers, there are activities to attend while you are having your coffee or lunch.

    Entertainment & Media 2020

    Room: Oscarsalongen, Time: During lunch break

    Hear from three representatives from the music, film and media/book industry discuss creative collaboration, new distribution models and the future way of consuming media.

    The Entertainment & Media 2020 track will be moderated by Joakim Jardenberg.

    12:50Your sounds from anywhere to everywhere
    Eric Wahlforss, Co-founder and CTO of SoundCloud will talk about the future of media distribution.
    13:05The author, the book and the reader 2020
    Mattias Fyrenius, soon to become Strategy and Development Director at KF Media, will talk about trends and observations affecting the future of the book industry.
    13:20The future of the movie industry
    Peter Alvarsson, Founder of Headweb, will explore some intresting trends and share his vision of the future movie industry.

    Business Model Innovation

    Room: Oscarsalongen, Time: During afternoon break

    While most of the attention is being directed to technology innovation and product/service innovation, the real revolution is in business model innovation. So for companies to stay competitive in the future the question is how to challenge (or destroy) their industry's traditional business models. Join Dr Terrence Brown in an open discussion about business model innovation and discover new opportunities for your business.

    Speed Consulting

    Room: Ovala rummet, Time: During all breaks

    What will the legal implications be for your ideas in the future? Find out from our strategic partners, law firm Wistrand. They will answer anything from how to protect your idea to how to best structure your deal with a customer. Many have already signed up for a slot, but we will make sure a couple of slots will still be available. Please just go to the Wistrand exhibition area on the Ground Floor to sign up for your one-on-one ten minute meeting with Wistrand during the breaks. Time is limited, so spots are reserved on a first come, first served basis.


    Room: Royals Festvåning, Time: During all breaks

    This year, we opened up for our Good Morning participants to sign up to speak as part of our unconference track.

    The unconference track will be moderated by Karina Töndevold.

    Morning coffee break

    11:00What start-ups can teach big companies
    Victor Jacobsson, Co-founder and CFO of Klarna, will talk about the advantages of being a start-up, the importance of culture and how innovation can be sending one piece of paper instead of two.

    Lunch break

    12:45When culture matters
    Honour Pearson, will talk about differences in the start-up environments between US, Germany and Sweden.
    13:00Take control of your own competence, be a free Agent
    Klas Karlsson, Founder of recruitment firm Talentia, believes that the majority of highly competent people will become free agents in the future, as they request more challenges and the opportunity to decide how to spend their professional time. Hear his advice on how to get started if you want to become your own employer.
    13:15Entrepreneurship is dead
    Gustaf Josefsson, founder of Entreprenörsjakten and chairman of Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden, will talk about the buzzword of the 21st century and explore what will happen when everyone is an entrepreneur.
    13:30Rules for persuasion
    Andrey Zhukov will talk about how the latest technology provides tools to influence people, change their beliefs and behaviours.

    Afternoon coffee break

    15:10 Design thinking in a service and experience economy
    Mathias Gullbrandson, founder and CEO of The Story Lab, will talk about what advantages storytelling and elements from game design can add to the concept of design thinking.
    15:20If you don't give back, no one will like you
    Paula Marttila, online strategist, will talk about contributing, the core element of building personal brand and great business on the social web.
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