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  • What costs does using our ticketing software involve?
    1. For free events, our ticketing software is free.
    2. For paying events the price per registration is € 0.99/ £ 0.89 per participant plus 3.9 % of the ticket price (1.95 % charge per registration + 1.95 % payment processing charge). You only pay fees, when there are real registrations for your event.
    3. Option „paper tickets“:
      Paper tickets by mail (EU) (per order) € 4.90/ £ 4.20
      Options and additional services: There are no postage charges for electronic tickets or registration confirmations. The buyer carries the cost of tickets sent by mail.
    4. Option „Cancellation“:
      Refund all attendees if event is cancelled (per order): € 0.00/ £ 0.00
      Per order in case of cancellation (initialized by buyer, e.g. chargeback): € 5.00 /£ 4.30
      The XING Events service fee cannot be refunded when cancelling a ticket or registration, since the ticket and payment handling service has already been provided. Note: There are no cancellation fees a) if no transfer has been made and b) the event is for free.
  • How can I view event statistics and reports?

    You can view numerous and detailed reports about your tickets, orders and sales in the "Data & Invoices" section.

  • How can I sell tickets directly from my own website?

    Under „Edit Event > Sales channels > Ticket shop module” in your personal area you’ll find an HTML code that you can use to integrate the ticket shop into your own website by using an iframe.
    The corresponding module can also be activated for automatic height adjustment and use of custom colours.

  • Can other people or employees edit my event?
    1. The "Permissions" menu item in your personal area lets you add more users, who will then have access to the event in the XING TicketingManager. Two different user types can be added: Administrators and Restricted users. The third option, EasyEntry Desktop users, can only be used to a very limited extent.
    2. The administrator is a user with editing rights for almost all event settings. The administrator has no access to invoices and monthly reports, is unable to edit payment data and cannot link the account to his/her own XING account.
    3. When you add a restricted user, you can define in detail to which areas the user should have access. Restricted users have the same preset restrictions as administrators and cannot copy an event.
    4. All users need is a TicketingManager or a XING account.
    5. If users also want to become co-organizers of the event on the XING platform, they simply click on „Sales Channels > Event on XING> Edit event on XING“. They’ll get redirected to the event page on XING and are added automatically as co-organizers (a XING account is required).
    1. How can I sell additional products through XING Events?

      To create an additional product, please select the menu item "Additional Products" under "Set up Ticket Sales" in your event and click on the button "Create New Product".

      You can use our "Additional Products" feature to offer your participants additional products and services on the event's website. This enables you to sell items such as merchandise, books and DVDs or offer a shuttle service, lunch and other event-related services.

      The donations functions let you collect donations from your subscribers for charitable purposes prior to the event.

    2. How do I cancel an order, the ticket from an order or a proposed event?
      1. As the organiser, you can cancel an entire order or perform a partial cancellation in the attendee list for the event. During the cancellation process, you can select who will pay the processing fees — the ticket purchaser or the organiser.
      2. You can refund the entire invoice amount or set a cancellation fee as either a percentage or fixed amount in EUR.
      3. Both full and partial cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee of EUR 5 plus VAT (if applicable) in addition to the ticketing fees for chargebacks per reversal of a chargeable order. However, as the organiser you can choose to pay this fee yourself or pass it on to the ticket purchaser.
      4. If you want to cancel an event, e.g. due to adverse weather conditions, please let us know directly by sending an e-mail to events(at)xing-events.com. We will then send you a cancellation order, which should be signed and returned to us so that we can cancel the event. If an event is cancelled, XING will process the reversal of the collected ticket money without a fee per order.
      1. How do I enter the applicable VAT rate for the event?

        You can set the rate of VAT under the "Payment Handling" menu item in your event. XING Events manages attendee registration and payment processing for the event on your behalf. As the organiser, although you use our platform for the automated generation and delivery of invoices for attendees, you remain the invoice issuer and contractual partner throughout the ticket purchasing process. You choose whether it is a private or commercial event. Our system helps you avoid making any mistakes in the settings. For example, the software automatically displays the tax rates that are applicable in each country. For private events, the system informs you directly about the legal situation when selecting the country. It's important to set the correct VAT rate before the event goes live, because you can no longer change these settings after the first ticket is sold.

      2. When will my revenues be paid and when will I receive my final invoice?

        At the beginning of each month you will receive a 100% payout of the past month’s ticket sales revenues. Still outstanding invoices are cleared automatically. If you organize multiple events and there is an invoice outstanding for over a month from a different event, this invoice will be subtracted from the payout amount as well.

        The final invoice is therefore replaced by the monthly created invoices.

      3. How do I get my event from XING Events onto XING?


        When you create your event with the TicketingManager, it is automatically published on the XING business platform together with an integrated ticket shop. Under “Edit event > Sales channels > Event on XING” you can choose who can see this page and also change directly to your event page on XING.

        The basic data of the event is automatically synchronized with XING, all other information please edit or add directly on the event page on XING. Among this are for example event logo and banners, the event description, agenda, speakers, documents and a picture gallery.

        If you also want to assign a company profile or group to your event, click the menu item "Edit Event" on your event page on XING. In response to the question "Who should be displayed as an organizer?" you can select the company profile or group provided you’re the editor or co-editor of the company profile or group.

      4. How can I attract more attendees to my event?
        1. An event on XING gives you access to over 12 million potential event attendees. There are several ways to promote your event on XING: invite your contacts and the visitors of your event page, recommend the event or create an ad on XING to place your event within your chosen target group. A banner on the XING Event Market can also be booked. You find more information under “Edit event > Sales channels > Event on XING” in your personal area.
        2. You can also integrate your ticket shop via iframe into your own event website and thus create another place of contact. For more information please visit “Sales channels > Ticket shop module” in your personal area.
        3. If required, you also have the opportunity to sell tickets via Facebook. The ticket shop can be integrated into your Facebook page as an app - detailed instructions are available under “Sales channels > Facebook" in your personal area.
        4. By using promotional codes you can offer discounted tickets to specific groups of attendees. When creating the discount code you can choose between a discount as a percentage or in EUR, either per ticket or per purchase. Additionally, you can make certain categories only visible with a promotion code.
        5. Using viral marketing you can animate your attendees to recommend your event further. You find the instructions in your personal area under “Promote event > Viral marketing”.


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      5. How do I cancel my "Event Plus" on XING?

        You can set the duration for "Event Plus" down to the exact day. To do this, go to the "Events" menu item on XING to find your event. Under the "Event Plus: Overview" menu item in the right-hand editing toolbar, you will see an option to change the duration. If you want to cancel “Event Plus”, simply set the duration end to the present day. If you do not set a duration, "Event Plus" will end automatically on the day after the event.

      6. How do I use viral marketing?

        XING Events also gives you the opportunity to generate more attendees with low advertising costs through viral marketing. You’ll find this option in your personal area under ““Promote event > Viral marketing”.

        If the "Viral Marketing" option is activated, attendees will receive a link in their confirmation e-mail after purchasing tickets, which they can pass on to friends and colleagues. For each new attendee recruited in this way, the organiser can assign a percentage bonus to the recommender. The new attendee also receives a friendship discount from the organiser as a percentage or fixed discount per ticket.

        The organiser can determine how many participants each attendee may recruit, the duration of the viral marketing period, and which categories qualify for viral tickets. Payments to the respective attendees are made via XING Events max. four weeks after the recruited tickets have been paid.

      For XING, data protection is always a top priority. User and customer data are always processed and stored in accordance with the current legal situation. You can therefore use our products and services without worries. In addition, we will provide our users with even better possibilities for information and control in the future - even beyond the legal requirements. You will find detailed information on this in our data protection declaration. If you have any further questions, please contact us via our contact page.

      • How can I view the data XING Events has collected about me?

        For a data inquiry, please contact our service team at support(at)xing-events.com. We will then arrange a compilation of your data stored in the XING Events application, which we then send to you by e-mail.

        This information includes only the data processed by us in the context of the XING Events application. If you also wish to know which of your data is stored at XING, please request this data directly at xing.com.

      • How do I change my data at XING Events?

        If you find that the data stored at XING Events is incorrect, you can easily correct it. To do this, please log into the TicketingManager and adjust the corresponding data there.

        If this does not get you any further, please contact our service team at support(at)xing-events.com.

      • How can I delete my data at XING Events?

        Simply contact our service team at support(at)xing-events.com and ask them to delete your data. You will then receive an e-mail with a confirmation link with which you can complete the deletion. Please keep in mind that not only XING Events, but possibly also the event organizer has your data. You should therefore send your request for deletion of your data to the organizer at the same time.

        This deletion only deletes your data at XING Events. If you also wish to delete your data at XING, please also contact XING for the deletion.

      • Do I need a contract data processing when using XING Events products?

        When using XING Events services from XING SE, there is usually no commissioned data processing. XING SE itself is the "master of data", i.e. the responsible body. XING SE provides the data to the event organizer, who in turn can also process the data for his own purposes. A commissioned data processing with XING may only be required if you import your own customer data into our system and we process it according to your instructions.

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