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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I receive my ticket?

      That depends on your chosen payment method. For credit cards, PayPal, direct debits or purchases on account, tickets are shipped immediately after ordering. For advance payments, tickets are shipped only after receipt of payment. When making transfers, please enter your invoice number as the payment reference so we can allocate your payment as easily and quickly as possible.

      1. How will I receive my ticket?

        E-tickets are delivered as a PDF file via e-mail, paper tickets are posted. The postage costs are as follows:

        1. Paper tickets by post (Germany) (per order): EUR 3.90 (plus VAT)
        2. Paper tickets by post (EU) (per order): EUR 4.90

        In some cases, organisers may send tickets to you directly.
        For some events, mobile tickets will also be sent. In this case, the confirmation e-mail will contain a QR code or a Passbook file (for Apple devices).
        As a XING member you also have the option of downloading your ticket and invoice from the event's attendee section. The attendee section can be found on the respective event page on XING.

      2. What schould I do if I want to cancel my ticket?

        In general, the organiser determines whether or not cancellations are permitted for the respective event. To send a cancellation request, please use the link that appears in your order confirmation e-mail. If a cancellation is possible, you will receive your refund within 14 working days of receipt of the cancellation request. Please note: cancellations usually incur a fee. In exceptional cases, the organiser may pay the fees. If you want to cancel individual tickets in your order and cancellation is permitted, please contact our support team (support(at)xing-events.com).

        There are no cancellation fees for free events.

      3. Is my ticket transferable?

        Provided that no name is specified on the ticket, it can be passed on to another person. To transfer personalised tickets, please contact our support team (support(at)xing-events.com) to arrange a change of name. If "non-transferable" appears on the ticket next to the name, the ticket cannot be passed on or reassigned to another person.

        1. Can the payment method be changed after completing an order?

          The payment method cannot be changed later.

        2. What benefit is there to creating a password during the ordering process?

          During the ordering process you have the option to specify a password and thus create a new XING account. The advantages of creating an account when purchasing a ticket are explained in point 7.

        3. Where can I find my attendee area on XING?

          First, log in to your XING account and select your registered events in the "Events" section. You will find your attendee area on the corresponding event site under "Your Attendance".

        4. What are the advantages of creating a XING account when buying tickets via XING Events?

          Firstly, you can log in on XING to place your order so the order form will be automatically filled out. As a XING member you also have the option of downloading your ticket and invoice from the event's attendee section. You'll also receive information about the event from the organiser. The attendee section can be found on the respective event page on XING. On the event website you'll also find our people2meet feature that gives you the opportunity to network with suggested attendees. It also works with our XING Events app.

        For XING, data protection is always a top priority. User and customer data are always processed and stored in accordance with the current legal situation. You can therefore use our products and services without worries. In addition, we will provide our users with even better possibilities for information and control in the future - even beyond the legal requirements. You will find detailed information on this in our data protection declaration. If you have any further questions, please contact us via our contact page.

        • How can I view the data XING Events has collected about me?

          For a data inquiry, please contact our service team at support(at)xing-events.com. We will then arrange a compilation of your data stored in the XING Events application, which we then send to you by e-mail.

          This information includes only the data processed by us in the context of the XING Events application. If you also wish to know which of your data is stored at XING, please request this data directly at xing.com.

        • How do I change my data at XING Events?

          If you find that the data stored at XING Events is incorrect, you can easily correct it. All data relating to your ticket purchase can be adjusted on the XING event page under "Your Participation" (if the organizer permits the change of ticket data).

          If this does not get you any further, please contact our service team at support(at)xing-events.com.

        • How can I delete my data at XING Events?

          Simply contact our service team at support(at)xing-events.com and ask them to delete your data. You will then receive an e-mail with a confirmation link with which you can complete the deletion. Please keep in mind that not only XING Events, but possibly also the event organizer has your data. You should therefore send your request for deletion of your data to the organizer at the same time.

          This deletion only deletes your data at XING Events. If you also wish to delete your data at XING, please also contact XING for the deletion.

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