• Organising committee

    Conference chair: Rob Waller, The Simplification Centre, London

    Conference secretary: Conrad Taylor, Ideography, London

    Conference treasurer: Ruth Miller, London

    Conference committee
    John Alexander, Donovan Data Systems
    Mark Barratt, Text Matters, Reading
    Andrew Boag, Boag McCann, London
    Matt Carey, Studio Lift, Reading
    Katherine Gillieson, University of Reading
    Katie Grant, Raincharm, London
    Bethany Shepherd, London
    Robert Linsky, Art Plus Technology, Boston, USA
    Annegrete Mølhave, Copenhagen
    Clive Richards, University of Brighton / IIID
    Jane Teather, JET Documentation Services, London
    Karel van der Waarde, Avans University, The Netherlands
    Sue Walker, University of Reading

  • The Information Design Association

    Information Design Conference 2012 is organised by the Information Design Association. Founded in 1991, the IDA brings information designers together to discuss and develop the field. This conference is the latest in a series started in 1982, originally organised by Information Design Journal.

    You can find out more about the IDA at www.informationdesignassociation.org.uk

  • International Institute for Information Design

    The International Institute for Information Design (IIID) brings together designers, educators and researchers from across the world, and its corporate members include the major centres for teaching and research in the field. The IIID has organised numerous conferences, and is active in promoting research, education and best practice in information design.

    You can find out more about the IIID at www.iiid.net


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Event organiser: the Information Design Association
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