• Cancellations, group discount, visa letters, accessibility, etc

    Cancellation policy

    You can cancel at any time up to 12 March 2012, and we will refund your money, less 10% to cover adminstration. After 12 March 2012 cancellations will not be possible.

    Tickets are transferable, so if you cannot come you can give your ticket to someone else.

    If you are part of a group receiving the 10% group discount, and your cancellation would take the number in the group to less than 3, the discount will no longer apply. We will take the amount owed by the remaining members of the group out of your refund, and you will need to sort this out within your group.

    The group discount

    The group discount is available for people from the same organisation, at the same address. Enter the discount code ‘group’ before you order your tickets. The system does not automatically check there are enough people in the group, but we will manually check before the conference and may bill you for any amounts owing.

    Dietary and accessibility requirements

    There is a question in the online application form where you can tell us about any special requirements. We will pass these on the venue and the caterers, and do our best to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee the outcome. The venue is wheelchair accessible, and has an induction loop. Please tell us if you need to use the induction loop so we can check its effectiveness with you when you arrive.

    Visa letters

    Some people visiting the UK may need a letter in support of a visa application. However, there is a known problem among conference organisers with people booking conferences just to obtain a letter, then cancelling or not showing up having entered the UK. We have had such problems ourselves, and have been advised that we risk trouble from the UK immigration authorities if we issue visa letters to people who only want them as a way to gain entry.

    Everyone presenting a paper or poster will receive a letter from us. If you are not in this category and need a visa letter, please email us to request one. If you are personally known to one of the IDA conference committee, have recently graduated from a UK university, or have recently worked in the UK, please supply us with the name of a person in the UK we can check with. If you cannot supply us with such a name, please write a letter in support of your application, outlining your interest and experience in information design.

    We do encourage international participation in our conference, and regret the inconvenience this may cause genuine participants.


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