Social Media & Events Report

In recent years, the Social Media & Events Report has established itself as a must-read for organisers that serves as an important source of information on social media in the event industry. Below you’ll find a summary of the key findings of the study:

  1. The event industry is increasingly reliant on the use of social media
    Almost every organiser intends to boost their social media activities in the future. There’s no doubt that organisers see major potential in marketing their events via social media.

  2. Facebook and XING are the main social media channels
    Facebook and XING the most widely used social media channels among German-speaking organisers, followed by video portal YouTube. These channels are rated as having the largest event-marketing potential.

  3. Almost half of the organisers were able to achieve their goals
    The main goal remains to increase awareness of the event and the brand. Nearly half of the organisers were able to achieve these objectives through social media activities. The results show that planned goals can be achieved through the use of social media, provided that sufficient resources are allocated. However, this is not always the case — a lack of staff and time continue to be the biggest problems in achieving objectives.

  4. Matchmaking is growing in importance
    For attendees, prospective networking opportunities are just as important as the event schedule itself. This fact is being increasingly recognised by organisers with around 30% offering their attendees the opportunity to network prior to the event. 70% of the surveyed organisers don’t yet provide matchmaking features, however at least 41% are interested in adopting such features.

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