Optimise Your Attendee Management

Attendee satisfaction is essential for long term success on the highly competitive event market. It requires a good many processes – from attracting attendees to maintaining close relationships with customers. To avoid getting lost in these processes, having a well planned and executed attendee management is vital.

We have compiled the most relevant steps for optimising your attendee management in our White Paper “9 Tips for an Efficient Attendee Management During your Event”, which will enhance efficiency before, during and after the event.
Benefit from helpful practical know-how given by event professionals and gain a clear insight into how you can control and optimise all processes of your attendee management.

What particular steps are required for this?

  1. Choose the appropriate event management software: What suits your event size, number of attendees and target group? The basis for an efficient attendee management is an event management software that can control all processes. Learn what functionalities the right software must have and receive practical tips from our event professionals.

  2. Set up your ticket shop professionally. Speed up your attendees’ registration process by means of an online ticket shop with an appealing design and use it to lay the foundation for requesting attendee details. Our White Paper gives you helpful instructions for this and serves as a guideline for the ideal design.

  3. Place your ticket shop on the right channels and maximise your event visibility. So that your event reaches the right target group, you should utilise the ticket shop on different channels. This gives your attendees more opportunities to register for the event.

Get more details and find all tips with explanations, practical know-how and expert opinions in our exclusive White Paper.

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