Increase the reach of your event

The range of events is large, the battle for attendees is intensifying, and almost all business events are now promoted online. However, it's not only the competition who might draw attention away from your event — there's also the challenge of reaching the right target audience.

Our practical white paper Increasing the reach of events online contains valuable advice on how to achieve maximum reach for your event. Using two case studies — Online Marketing Rockstars and — we show you how to successfully apply the recommended marketing solutions in practice.

XING Events recommends a combination of specific online marketing approaches in order to create a successful online marketing strategy for your event.

  1. Event website:
    In the first step, the goal of all your activities is to attract potential attendees to your event website. Our report contains a useful checklist with essential content for your event site. You'll also learn how to significantly increase the visibility of your event with a XING event page and automated referral marketing.

  2. Social media marketing:
    Use social media to communicate with your customers before, during and after your event. In addition to Facebook and co., the XING networking portal is perfect for approaching business contacts. Thanks to efficient targeting opportunities and exclusive placements, XING allows you to generate increased reach for your event among your target audience.

  3. E-mail marketing:
    Activate participants from past events via e-mail marketing and acquire new business contacts thanks to exclusive newsletter integration and event tips from XING.

Discover more — you'll find lots more marketing features, handy hints and insights in our exclusive white paper.

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