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    insideAR is one of the largest Augmented Reality events worldwide. It is organized annually by metaio based on 10 years of experience in AR development and deployment.

    The participants discover the current and future applications of Augmented Reality technology by getting in touch with practical examples, live demonstrations, and research insights from the recognized leader in the field of Augmented Reality­. On behalf of the entire metaio team, we are very pleased to welcome you to our 2013 insideAR Augmented Reality conference. Many first-year or even second-year attendees may not know this, but insideAR had very humble beginnings as a small gathering of computer vision researchers as far back as 2006; we hope you share our enthusiasm that we can now offer an event that caters to all aspects of an industry that grows exponentially every day.

    Last year we announced that we would enable AR on every smartphone by 2014. In order to accomplish such a feat, it is imperative that the AR community advance and develop scalable and sustainable solutions for Augmented Reality. This year, with the announcement of the world's first AR processing unit, metaio is entering new grounds by enabling a future that will be "Always On, Always Augmented."

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  • insideAR 2012: Best of augmented reality demos


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    Spiridon-Louis-Ring 11 80809 Munich Germany
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