• Science Gateway Sustainability and Industry Utilization Workshop (organized by SCI-BUS)

    The Workshop will be held in conjunction with IWSG2013 on the third day of the conference.

    The goal of the Science Gateway Sustainability and Industry Utilization Workshop is to discuss topics that are of importance to sustain science gateways after their initial funding has run out. A particular focus will be put on utilizing the concepts and actual outcomes of science gateway projects in commercial environments. Questions to consider include for example:

    • How to create spin-offs from academic gateway projects?
    • How can science gateways and clouds benefit from each other?
    • How can newcomers set up a gateway for their customer community?
    • How to generate revenues from a science gateway?

    The workshop is held in conjunction with IWSG2013.

    Please visit the Workshop Homepage for more detailed information.



    IBM Switzerland is the official sponsor of this Event.

  • Organization

    • Wibke Sudholt, CloudBroker (lead)
    • Nicola Fantini, ScaleTools (sponsoring)
    • Tamas Kiss, University of Westminster (contact to IWSG 2013)
    • Peter Kacsuk, MTA SZTAKI (SCI-BUS coordinator)
    • Veysi Isler, Simsoft
    • Eva Takacs, 4D Soft
    • Peter Tihanyi, E-Group


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Event organiser: Peter Kunszt
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