New Challenges for Multilingualism in Europe

hosted by Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb - LINEE Network of Excellence

Venue: Dubrovnik, Croatia, 11-15 April, 2010

Start: Sunday, 11 Apr 2010 19:00

End: Wednesday, 31 Dec 2014 00:00

  • Theme Sessions

    The Conference is structured around four thematic blocks which have been fundamental in the scientific activities of the LINEE Network of Excellence. Around these themes research is articulated particular sub-topics given below, regarding issues, dynamics and processes of concern related to linguistic diversity and multilingualism:

    A. Thematic Session on Language, Culture and Identity :


    §        Discourses on cultural and linguistic diversity & identity

    §        Local, national and transnational identification processes and language ideologies

    §        Language, identity and the issues of power, social inclusion/exclusion

    §        Language, memory, belonging & identity narratives

    §        Multilingualism and urban spaces

    §        Language, culture and tourism

    §        Visual representations of identity and linguistic landscape

    §        Discursive representations of place and identity

    §        Media discourses and identity (film, TV, music, print media, advertising)

    §        Youth culture, linguistic practices and identity

    §        New technologies, linguistic practices and identity


    B. Thematic Session on Language Policy and Planning :


    §        New insights into the discursive analysis of language policy-making

    §        Problematising the 'national' in language and migration

    §        The role of language ideologies in promoting the protection of (some) linguistic minorities

    §        Language Policies and new patterns of transnational, circular and temporary migration

    §        Languages on public signs and their management in European cities

    §        Perceptions of official language policies for public signage in European cities

    §        EU Ethnic minority policy and language policy in conflict


    C. Thematic Session on Multilingualism and Education:


    §       New migrants in school settings

    §       Comparison of minority school settings across Europe

    §       Multilingual Language use in school interactions

    §       Minority language teaching vs. foreign language teaching

    §       Attitudes towards minority languages and English

    §       English as lingua franca (ELF)

    §       Comprehension of native vs. ELF speakers

    §       Multicompetence and multilingual repertoires in school pupils

    §       Pedagogical culture towards multilingualism: comparison across Europe

    §       The multilingual school environment and the social context

    §       Home language maintenance in the school context

    §       Language policies regulating immigrants’ education

    §       Students and teachers’ attitudes towards multilingualism


    D. Thematic Session on Language and Economy:


    §       What role languages play in the knowledge-based economy

    §       New language situations as a result of economic processes

    §       Language-related barriers in the European market and their influence on the knowledge-based economy

    §       Socio-economic consequences of multiple language use in multinational companies

    §       How linguistic diversity of multinational companies can contribute to the promotion of the knowledge-based economy

    §       How far language competencies affect economic integration and opportunities for participation in the economic structure

    §       The role of multilingualism or the lack of multilingual skills in the economic future and possible choices of migrant populations

    Plenary lectures will be devoted to overarching themes and to introductions of specific thematic sessions.






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