New Challenges for Multilingualism in Europe

hosted by Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb - LINEE Network of Excellence

Venue: Dubrovnik, Croatia, 11-15 April, 2010

Start: Sunday, 11 Apr 2010 19:00

End: Wednesday, 31 Dec 2014 00:00

  • Accommodation

    The organizers have booked rooms from 11th to 16th April 2010, in the Hotel "Dubrovnik Palace " , the venue of the conference. The venue hotel, the Dubrovnik Palace is highly recommended as it provides high quality accommodation in rooms with balcony/sea view and easy communication with the complete conference environment including free internet access in all premises and rooms. If this is your preferred accommodation, please download and fill the Palace booking form .


    We have also made special arrangements for alternative accommodation at the two other Maestrali hotels (cca 10 minutes walk from the venue). They are more suitable for students and younger people and their availability at discount rates is limited. To book them please download and fill the Maestrali booking form   




    (all prices are for bed and breakfast)

    Hotel Dubrovnik Palace *****

    Conference Venue


    Single room

    € 99

    Double room

    € 130

    Hotel Uvala ****


    Single room

    € 62

    Double room

    € 82

    Hotel Splendid***


    Single room

    € 46

    Double room


    Should you book accommodation telephonically please remember to mention that you are booking for the LINEE Conference. To benefit from the special hotel rates the reservations should be made as early as possible, preferably by 11th January 2010 .

    For other maps follow this link and information about other accommodation in Dubrovnik can be found at Dubrovnik Tourist Board



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