• Visioning Workshops

    Visioning Workshops

    City and Business Leaders learn each others perspectives during 1.5 hour Visioning Workshops in which groups of 10 work under the guidance of a facilitator to invent a ground-breaking solutions to a real challenge.

    • Cities, Research Institutes and Business Leaders define Workshop Themes, nominate facilitators.
    • Tools provided by local design students who also document outcomes.
    • 30 Minute presentation of results, moderated by an experienced business leader.
    • Outcomes are documented and published.
    • Workshops take place around tables set-up in Session Rooms and Foyer (depending requirements).
  • Parallel Sessions

    Parallel Sessions

    Solutions are discussed here in detail. Ideally Round-tables are used (groups of 8-10) for the Parallel Sessions in which dialogue is emphasised.

    • Moderated by Expert (10 Minute Presentation) and
    • Four Experts present 15 Minutes followed by discussion that can stretch into lunch.
    • No hierarchy is created between speakers and delegates, and discussion is encouraged.
    • The session turns into a working lunch served in the room to deepen contacts in the field.
    • Coffee and Desert is served in the Foyer to bring groups back together.
  • Exhibition & Networking

    Showcases are exhibited as Posters in the Foyer to provide the participants an easy way of seeing all available solutions of the day. Sponsors and Pilots are exhibited in stands and hospitality corners.

    • Around 30 Posters Presented
    • Video Showcases Presented on Screens
    • Pilots demonstrated / operate in and around conference area
    • Foyer set up as “territory” with 3 Open Zones (Mobility, Environment, Health) for Networking around Coffee breaks.
  • Elevator Pitch

    Elevator Pitch

    1-Minute Presentation by Members of the Living Labs Global Showcase to present a ground-breaking solution to city challenges.

    • Moderated by experienced business leader;
    • Matchmaking: 30 Participants of Summit gain visibility;
    • Award for best Elevator Pitch at end of day;
    • Recorded and published on Video to complement Showcase;
    • Good for media coverage – 30 solutions in 30 Minutes focusing on key value.
  • Summit Hosts

    Summit Hosts

  • Collaborators


  • Video Documentary Living Labs Global Summit

  • Contact

    Should you have any further questions regarding the summits activities, please do not hesitate to contact us

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