• Living Labs Global

    Mobility services should change our cities.

    Living Labs Global is a non-profit association based in Copenhagen with the objective to promote innovation in services and mobility in cities. Mobility is a paradigm-shift in which the user, as a citizen, professional or visitor, is expecting public and private services to be tailored to his needs, delivered on demand, anywhere.
    Yet, the global market for innovative services in cities is obscured by a lack of knowledge about other experiences, technologies and business ideas. The great promise of new technologies fails to materialise, as we re-invent the same solutions over and over in each city, repeating the same costly mistakes.
    We simply ask “Why have these technologies not changed our day-to-day lives?”
    In 2003, Living Labs Global began as an idea to provide cities with a practical tool for service innovation to address urban challenges in fields such as transport, healthcare, sustainability, social services and tourism. Since then, Living Labs Global has emerged as an independent, sustainable global initiative receiving strong support from the cities, technology institutes, associations and innovative SMEs that comprise its membership of more than 250 organisations, as well as the European Commission.
    Our Showcase collects and presents solutions that make cities more attractive, inclusive, efficient and diverse. Participation is free of charge, providing recognition, visibility and new project opportunities.
    Our Summits bring together the different Actors involved in making service innovation happen: City leaders, service professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers and investors come together to exchange experiences, create new opportunities and build a common vision.

    Together, we build Your Market for Mobility.

    Read what our members say about us here.

  • City of Copenhagen

    Green growth and quality of life

    Copenhagen aims to be the world’s first carbon neutral capital by 2025. This ambition affects many sectors including energy supply, transport, building-renovation, and urban development. There is still a long way to reach the goal, but Copenhagen is on the way - e.g. 98% of all homes in Copenhagen are connected to district heating systems and 37% of all Copenhageners ride a bike to work or education every day

    The City has traditionally been a key actor in affecting citizen behaviour and facilitating corporate climate actions through partnerships and legislation. In the years ahead, this process will be taken even further: We aim to create a capital that is leading on new green solutions – solutions which must be defined in close cooperation between public authorities, business leaders and research institutions.

    Yet the transition to a greener economy must not compromise the wellbeing and quality of life of the citizens. On the contrary, the transition must improve the lives of citizens to be fully legitimate

    This is surely a great challenge and the City of Copenhagen is hence very pleased to work together with the City of Barcelona and Living Labs Global to come up with new ideas on how to shape a greener future for all of us.

  • City of Barcelona

    Barcelona City Council's Economic Promotion Sector stimulates the economic development of the city.

    International Economic Promotion promotes the increase of Barcelona's economic flows, exchanges and relations with the international community in order to boost our economy and business leadership. Among other duties, we are responsible of the management and accompaniment of investment and set-up projects in our City and the reinforcement of the economic foundations that make possible to attract talent, renew business-oriented university models, strengthen business financing and cooperation.

    International Economic Promotion specially provides support for a group of sectors that are considered to be strategic and of the future, such as ICT, the media and cultural industries, life sciences and biotechnology, energy and environmental industries, aerospace, agro-food, and design.
    All in all, tailor-made inbound investment special services are addressed to companies, institutions and entrepreneurs, who wish to install, consolidate or expand their businesses or presence in Barcelona.

    Among many other free services, we provide key economic information, we organize customized business and we contact with business landing and support platforms that will secure a successful investment in Barcelona.

  • City of Kaohsiung

    A Safe, Healthy, and Ecological City (S.H.E. City)

    Safety- Making the People Feel Safe

    Maintaining public order within a city is a key point in developing trust between the citizens and the government. Beyond the police force, the municipal office carries out numerous projects to maintain the safety and security of the citizens.; including “citizens caring for public areas”, “assisting police in conducting public affairs”, “reporting incidents through MSN”, “checking on residents”, “registered permanent address investigation project”.  More specifically, the work of the municipal office in ensuring the safety of the citizens involves the running of routine safety drills for emergency situations such as typhoons and earthquakes.

    Healthy-The 18 Skills of Wushu –Vitality & Physical Condition

    Routine health examinations of public places are conducted and systems for identifying hazardous work environments are implemented. The goals of the Foundation of Public Health and the emergency medical network are to improve the safety of the living environment so as to promote wellbeing, and avoid suffering.

    Ecology-Get Closer to Nature

    In recent years, the development of an efficient sewerage system has increased the water stores in inland Kaohsiung. Furthermore, more greenery has been planted which has proven to have a positive effect on maintaining reservoir levels at Benheli in Sanmin District. Not only does the added greenery serve to benefit the environment, but it also makes for nice scenery stretching from Lotus Lake to the coast, Zhouzil Wetland Park, the future Banpin Lake, and Neiweipi Cultural Park to Chaishan.

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