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    The Professional Exhibition of the Copenhagen | Barcelona | Kaohsiung Summit on Service Innovation in Cities provides you the possibility to present your solution together with a selection of other solutions in the great official festive hall of the city of Copenhagen, where the summit will take place

    The main festive hall of the Town Hall is situated on the second floor. It is a large, beautifully decorated space that will facilitate all sessions of the event on the one side and the exhibition on the other side. It is thought to integrate the solutions exhibited as much in the space as possible to make them a main feature during the various sessions breaks.


    The Professional Exhibition will mainly target the professionals and City representatives attending the event.

    This is an opportunity to present your solution to a unique target group, with the majority of participants representing SMEs, Cities and Experts from public and private organisations. Further, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) make up an important proportion representing associations, think-tanks, PPP interest- and cluster organisations, or initiatives driving change in cities.

    More than 75% of participants represent executive levels in their organisations, which for SMEs usually mean the CEO / CIO attends in person, internationally responsible Directors or Vice-Presidents, and Department Directors or CIOs for Cities and Government Agencies.

    The solutions should be presented and addressed to the professional audience in interesting ways in order to attract their attention and display the best innovative characteristics of the component. The familiar setting will invite conversations and discussions about the exhibited product.

    If you wish to receive further information about exhibiting at the festive hall or have any further questions please contact us.

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