Digix and TLU presents: Loomehäkk vol 2

hosted by Digix

Baltic Film and Media School

Start: Friday, 26 Aug 2016 14:00

End: Sunday, 28 Aug 2016 17:00

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    What happens when you mix creative industries with IT!?


    Come show off your skills at our 48 Hour creative hack. Meet people from all creative industries as well as IT sector and collect valuable tips from local and international mentors.

    Win prizes from our partners but most of all start something up!


    A programmer, computer programmer, developer, dev, coder, or software engineer a person who writes computer software.

    A graphic designer creates the graphics primarily for published, printed or electronic media, such as brochures (sometimes) and advertising.

    Marketing promotes the brand, product and or service in a direct or indirect manner usually with the goal of identifying potential clients or advancing a corporate message (brand, investor sentiment, etc). Business development identifies strategic partnerships and opportunities within and across segments or industries.

    Intern, a student or recent graduate who works for a period of time at a job in order to get experience.

    Engineers design materials, structures, and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost.

    Creative masterminds are architects, musicians, artists and other experts of creative fields.


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    Narva mnt 27 10126 Tallinn Estonia
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