Your questions about
data privacy!

On 25 May 2018, the European General Data Policy Regulation - GDPR for short - has entered into force. For organizers, but also for participants, it is now of course important to know that the software which manages the participant data also meets all the requirements of the new data protection law.

For XING, data protection is always a top priority. User and customer data are always processed and stored in accordance with the current legal situation. You can therefore use our products and services without worries. In addition, we will provide our users with even better possibilities for information and control in the future - even beyond the legal requirements. You will find detailed information on this in our data protection declaration.

We have listed the most important questions from organizers and participants regarding data protection at XING Events. We make every effort to keep this page up to date, but you will always find the legally binding information in our data protection declaration. If your question is not answered here, please contact our customer service at support(at)

  • How can I view the data XING Events has collected about me?

    For a data inquiry, please contact our service team at support(at) We will then arrange a compilation of your data stored in the XING Events application, which we then send to you by e-mail.

    This information includes only the data processed by us in the context of the XING Events application. If you also wish to know which of your data is stored at XING, please request this data directly at

  • How do I change my data at XING Events?

    If you find that the data stored at XING Events is incorrect, you can easily correct it. All data relating to your ticket purchase can be adjusted on the XING event page under "Your Participation" (if the organizer permits the change of ticket data).

    If this does not get you any further, please contact our service team at support(at)

  • How can I delete my data at XING Events?

    Simply contact our service team at support(at) and ask them to delete your data. You will then receive an e-mail with a confirmation link with which you can complete the deletion. Please keep in mind that not only XING Events, but possibly also the event organizer has your data. You should therefore send your request for deletion of your data to the organizer at the same time.

    This deletion only deletes your data at XING Events. If you also wish to delete your data at XING, please also contact XING for the deletion.  

  • How long are user and customer data stored at XING Events?

    XING Events will store the data for as long as required by the respective legal storage purpose. One reason to store data are e.g. tax, commercial or other legal storage obligations. After expiry of the respective deadlines, we will delete everything from our database. Organisers are granted access to participant data of their events for a maximum of 4 years to enable possible legal prosecution.

  • How is the data stored and saved at XING Events?

    XING Events hosts its services in Europe to reduce the risk of cross-border data transmissions and thus guarantee our EU customers the secure protection of their data. In addition, the data is protected in accordance with the latest security standards. Our employees also receive once a year a training in data protection and data security.

  • Do you pass on data to third parties?

    We will only pass on your personal data to third parties if this is necessary to fulfil our own business purposes (in particular to provide the services owed to you).

    In addition to XING Events, the organizers can access the participant data, since they need it for their contract fulfillment and possible legal prosecution. XING Events will block this access after 4 years at the latest.

    You can find further information in our data protection declaration.

  • Do you share data with Facebook and Google?

    XING Events does not use a plug-in for the social network Facebook and therefore does not pass on any data to Facebook. We use Google Analytics on our websites to analyse user behaviour. We use the so-called "_anonymizeIp()" script here, which ensures that your IP address (after identifying the geolocation) is immediately anonymised by Google.  You can find further information in our data protection declaration.

  • When I buy a ticket through XING Events, does my data belong to XING Events or XING SE?

    XING SE is the contractual partner and the body responsible for data protection regarding the processing of personal data of users who purchase a ticket via XING Events. XING Events GmbH therefore acts as a technical service provider for XING SE. The ticket buyer becomes a user of a XING SE product by purchasing the ticket, but does not become part of the XING social network; unless he actively decides to create a profile on the XING social network during the purchasing process.