• Renting a Segway for MAMS

    If you like to rent, here are your opti­ons and conditions

    With your reser­va­tion you need to make a €25,- depo­sit which will be then credi­ted towards your ren­tal at the event.
    The ren­tal fee applies for your stay at the mee­ting. We do not dif­fe­ren­tiate if you rent for 1 day or 6 days, it’s the same „all-event“ price

    Seg­way Type, price

    i2 €155,- | X2 € 165,-

    All machi­nes are avail­able at the home­base, if allo­wed by your hotel, you can take them to the hotell room over night. Other­wise you can charge and sleep them in the MAMS homebase.

    Reserve your Segway


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