MediConsult Convention 2013 - Toronto

hosted by The Health Technicians Canada Inc.

Atlantis at Ontario Place

Saturday, 06 Apr 2013 08:30

  • Overview

    Evolution and Revolution of the Global Health Care Systems

    The Opportunities and Consequences!

    This “High Profile” convention covers the major and long overdue health care revolution, taking place right now! MediConsult International is proud to sponsor this world-class event with highly knowledgeable speakers from the field of energy medicine, science and technology. Learn about energy medicine, PEMFs, electro-smog and why the future will be all about frequencies.

    Witness the world pre-launch of MediConsult’s new revolutionary products, never seen before in the history of energy medicine. This is guaranteed to blow you away!

    This convention is a “must” for health care providers, all our representatives and lay people interested in taking control over their health. This all day event is open to all!

  • Content

    • Evolutionary Medicine
    • Correlation between health and disease
    • History and technology of electro-magnetic therapies
    • Benefits of electro-magnetic applications
    • Electro-magnetic fields and the metabolism
    • Electro-magnetic fields and ATP Synthase
    • Invisible world of electro-magnetic fields
    • Magnetic field of the earth
    • Revolution in global health care
    • Launch of iMRS Fauna system
    • World pre-launch of 2 revolutionary new MediConsult products
    • Being whole in very area of your life

    These conventions are open to all MediConsult representatives, clients, health care providers and lay people, who are interested in energy medicine, in particular PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields) and the harmful effects of electro smog.

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  • Directions

    Event venue address

    955 Lake Shore Blvd W M6K 3B9 Toronto Canada


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