MediConsult Convention 2013 - Toronto

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Atlantis at Ontario Place

Saturday, 06 Apr 2013 08:30

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    Dr. Paul Héroux, PhD

    Dr. William PawlukTopic:

    Magnetic Fields and Metabolism

    The history of our research starts with the investigation in vitro of reactive oxygen species (ROS), and the establishment of a set of precise in vitro models using cancer cells. After obtaining surprising results on the action of anti-oxidants, we detected strong action of magnetic fields on metabolism, which we traced to effects on the enzyme ATP Synthase. The mechanism by which this occurs uses an alteration in the structure of water documented 30 years ago by Russian scientists. We are currently applying our theories to the design of a therapeutic application for oncology using magnetic fields.

    Bio Dr. Paul Héroux, PhD

    Dr. Paul Héroux is a scientist with a balanced experience in engineering (15 years) and in the health sciences (25 years). He started his research career at Institut de Recherche d'Hydro-Québec in Varennes, Québec, an internationally reputed electro-technical laboratory. After rounding out his formation with courses in Biology and Medicine, he became interested in health problems, and has been appointed Associate Professor at McGill University's Faculty of Medicine (Occupational Health) and is also a Medical Scientist in the Department of Surgery of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.


    Rob Metzinger

    Rob MetzingerTopic:

    Creating a Healthy Home.
    Our home and workplaces are often bathed in a sea of electromagnetic radiation from powerlines and wireless technologies. We have recently learned the frequencies that they emit have been declared as a possible cause of cancer by IARC - The International Association For Research on Cancer. Where does one go to learn more about the potential dangers associated by overexposure to EMF? There are training courses that are offered by The International Institute For Building-Biology and Ecology that teach specialists in the profession of EMF mitigation strategies. Online and hands on workshops provide students and professionals with a thorough understanding of the potential dangers from microwave, intermediate and powerline frequencies from sources that include cell towers, WIFI, dect phones, baby monitors, electrical substations and even home plumbing grounding wires.

    In this presentation, Rob Metzinger will provide a brief overview of the potential EMF dangers that may exist in your home and work. You will learn about the skills and tools that are needed to become a certified building biologist with a special focus on creating the ideal healing sanctuary - free of harmful electromagnetic radiation.

    Bio Rob Metzinger:

    Rob is the owner operator of Safe Living Technologies, a company that provides,magnetic shielding materials , Tesla and Radio Frequency meters and training for certified Building Biologists. Rob also provides site surveys and EMF mitigation strategies for large corporations and private individuals that wish to reduce their exposures in the workplace and at home.


    Bob Connolly

    Matthew BrownellTopic:

    The History of Magnetic Field Frequency Therapy

    Nikola Tesla, the inventor of AC electricity  is often regarded as the father of Electrotherapy. Magnetic field intensity is measured in Tesla or microtesla. Over 100 years ago, Tesla was inventing electromagnetic field therapy devices that where widely adopted by electricians and physicians until the early 20s, when suddenly they were replaced by western medicine that features pharmaceuticals. The internet has awakened the public and now aware that there are alternatives.  The governments are responding and electrotherapy devices are being reintroduced and licensed by Health Canada.

    In this session, film producer Bob Connolly will take you on journey to experience this history of Electrotherapy.  You will see Teslas inventions, the hospitals of the former Soviet Union and gain an insider view of the Swiss clinics that offer magnetic field therapy.  You will also learn why the Soviet Union banned microwave ovens and continues to embrace magnetic field therapy. Experience a live demonstration of Russian Kirlian electro-photographic cameras and learn how they are used to document the effects from microwaves and electromagnetic therapy on living organisms.

    Bio Bob Connolly

    Bob Connolly is the owner of pdf Pictures, a production company that specializes in digital media production for organizations involved in scientific research within the healthcare industry.  Bob has produced and presented interactive engaging presentations featuring new technologies for corporations such as Apple Computer, Adobe, Bell and NASA.


    Dr. Flavio Immarino

    Matthew BrownellTopic:

    The Power of Being Whole
    Learn how being whole can enhance all areas of your life – improve business productivity; relationships; mental and physical health; and attain happiness and wealth in all aspects of your life.

    Bio Dr. Flavio Immarino, Ph.D, C.Cht

    Dr Flavio holds a Ph.D in Behavioral Science with a major in Clinical Hypnosis. He is a published author, motivational speaker and clinical counselor with more than 30 years of experience in the field of personal development and mental enhancement performance. He is world renowned for his amazing ability to affect profound changes in people within an impressively short period of time. Please visit his website: for more information.

    Over the past 10 years, Dr Flavio has been working with Olympic caliber as well as professional athletes spanning three continents. He has trained and instructed in the martial arts for over 30 years also involving Zen meditation techniques and holds a 5th degree black belt in karate. Dr Flavio’s clinical counseling addresses a wide range of issues — anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress (PTS) are just a few of the areas he treats. His practice also encompasses corporate and educational seminars both in Canada and internationally and he also provides mental sports enhancement training with athletes from a variety of athletic backgrounds.


    Wolfgang Jaksch

    Wolfgang JakschCEO MediConsult International

    Wolfgang Jaksch, founder and CEO of MediConsult International, has a record of almost two decades of vast experience in the field of informational medicine.He held about 2000 lectures in 25 countries since he started to share the global knowledge on energy medicine to all the different cultures in the world. He is the inventor of the Number 1 Magnetic Resonance Stimulation System in the world for home use, the iMRS and he will be proud to announce his two brand new innovations exclusively to the attendees of the MediConsult North American Convention 2013.


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