Melbourne Startup Bootcamp

hosted by Mick Liubinskas and Phil Morle - Pollenizer

The Taboo Group

Start: Saturday, 13 Nov 2010 09:00

End: Saturday, 13 Nov 2010 16:00

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    Get Your Startup Started Right

    If you want to startup with some zest and learn from the team that has helped build 100 web businesses, come to our all-day bootcamp on the 13th of November.

    Introducing Startup Bootcamp with Pollenizer

    Learn the lessons, hear the stories and get the tools to get started.

    The aim of the boot camp is for you to come out the other side with an understanding of the process involved and how Pollenizer’s process works, a clear definition of focus and what it means for you and your startup and guidelines on how to get it and keep it as well as a customer development plan.

    We’ll cover;

    • Focus
    • Customer Development
    • Finding your first micro-segment
    • Minimal Viable Product
    • How crucial it is to be agile and lean
    • Metrics
    • Testing and continuous deployment
    • Managing your runway
    • Pitching
    • Accessing the right people
    • Building an advisory board
    • Allocating equity
    • Investment options and capital raising

    This is for you if;

    • You’ve been thinking about starting a startup web business in the next six months.
    • You’ve been working on a web based product and you think it’s ready to turn into a business.
    • You’ve got an offline business and you’re thinking of adding a web business arm.


    Dates: Saturday, all day 13th November
    Time: 8.30 for a 9am sharp start (and we mean sharp). Finish by 5pm then some drinks to defrag.


    $120 for the full day

    Your drill instructors;

    Phil ‘Entreprenerd’ Morle, Pollenizer Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
    Mick ‘Mr Focus’ Liubinskas, Pollenizer Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer

    And then?

    After you finish this bootcamp, you’ll be ready to get started on Customer Development to prove out your business.

    Does it work?

    We’ve worked with more than 100 web businesses, generating more than $100m in revenue, and raising more than $10m for early stage web companies. Check out our portfolio to see some of the companies we’ve helped get focus and grow

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Event organizer: Mick Liubinskas and Phil Morle - Pollenizer
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