34th Annual Northern Nevada Mineral Education Workshop

hosted by Nevada Mining Association & Nevada Division of Minerals

Wooster High School

Start: Tuesday, 17 Jul 2018 07:00

End: Wednesday, 18 Jul 2018 05:30

  • Attendee list

    104 attendee(s): Search


      • School Name: Mojave High School
    • Jill Aguero-Acosta


      • School Name: Ann T Lynch
    • Amanda Alverson


      • School Name: Shaw MS
    • Cindy Amster


      • School Name: Classical Conversations
    • Diana Arnold


      • School Name: Westergard
    • Erika Aylesbury


      • School Name: Natchez Elementary School
    • Marly Barainca


      • School Name: Earl Wooster High School
    • Christine Barrett


      • School Name: CCSD--Adult Ed
    • William Barrett


      • School Name: Semi Retired/ Johnson Jr High, considering Volunteering
    • Megan Beckam


      • School Name: UNR
    • Barbara Boatman


      • School Name: Kate M. Smith Elementary School
    • Julie Bolton


      • School Name: Retired
    • Tammy Borremans


      • School Name: Dayton Elementary School
    • Merrette Boyle


      • School Name: Churchill County High School
    • Kelly Bruskotter


      • School Name: Pleasant Valley
    • Cassie Bymers


      • School Name: Nancy Gomes Elementary
    • Paula Cady


      • School Name: Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada
    • Amanda Cagdan


      • School Name: Spanish Springs Elementary School
    • Sara Camper


      • School Name: Churchill County High School
    • Julie Concialdi


      • School Name: Miguel Sepulveda Elementary


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