• Mobile Campaign of the Year




    Jonathan MacDonald, Founder, EverySingleOneOfUs

    Andrew Grill, Mobile Advertising Evangelist, Gigafone

    Peggy Salz, Founder, MSearchGroove

    James Whatley, Co-Founder, The Really Mobile Project

    Alfie Dennan, Co-Founder, mo-blog

    Subhir Kotwal, Masters Student, University of Westminster

    Courtney Kennedy, Masters Student, University of Westminster

    Mobile Advertising 2009 will host the inaugural EverySingleOneOfUs Mobile Campaign of the Year Awards, designed to recognise the past year's most engaging, creative and effective mobile advertising campaigns.

    Speaking about the awards, Jonathan MacDonald, founder of EverySingleOneOfUs said, "The EverySingleOneOfUs Mobile Campaign of the Year award is the first award in new media to be judged in light of the benefit a campaign has had to the public. This benefit is in terms of value, relevance, ease of interaction and transparency of offering - making up the 4 Rules of Engagement which sit at the core of EverySingleOneOfUs."

    To enter a campaign for the awards, please download and fill in the word document below this text and send it to james@camerjam.com no later than 22nd May 2009.


    1. Campaign must have run during period 16 June 08 - 15 June 09.

    2. Maximum of 2 entries per company.

    3. Awards will be judged by independent panel based on the information provided on the entry form and the campaign demos.

    4. EverySingleOneOfUs and Camerjam reserve the right to refuse any entry at their discretion. The entrant will be notified first.

    5. The judges' decisions are final. There will be no disclosure of the judging panel sessions nor any correspondence regarding the judges' decisions.

    6. Entries will be treated as strictly confidential. Only details of the award winners and short-listed entries will be published. Please ensure that any commercially sensitive information is clearly indicated on the entry form and supporting material.

    7. By entering the awards, companies are expressly authorising Camerjam and EverySingleOneOfUs to use the specific text and visual materials submitted for the purposes of promoting the awards in presentations, reports for publication, web site and media activities as well as other forms of promotions/publicity materials.

    8. The winners will be announced on 15th June in London at Mobile Advertising UK event.

    9. Deadline for entry is 22nd May 2009.

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