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    Day 1 - Wednesday, November 17th

    Registration Opens and Coffee Reception


    Keynote: ECM as a Platform for Content Applications - Ready for the Next Generation of Enterprise Content Management?  Nuxeo 2010 Release Highlights and Milestones


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     Main Stage Workshop Room*

    Successful Deployment of Nuxeo DM (B)

    This session will highlight key factors of a successful document management deployment.  Best practices, lessons learned, avoiding pitfalls - hear directly from experienced field professionals.


    Nuxeo DAM -
    Platform for Rich Media Management (T)

    This session will overview the architecture and key features of Nuxeo DAM, including video management, asset metadata, and shared repository deployment with Nuxeo DM.


    Customer Session - Managing Intellectual Property and Creating Value for Life Sciences: Case Study by PCSol (B)

    This session will discuss how Nuxeo has been used to streamline and improve scientific research and information gathering in drug research. The client needed to meet specific goals: avoid multiple document encoding, retrieve information from scientific drug notices, keep a history of documents, allow document publication and reference them to a database.  Attendees will hear how the Nuxeo deployment delivered key benefits to the customer including: eliminating need for document re-encoding, using version control and to eliminate duplicate work, enhancing productivity by allowing record and data search via a web application.

    Mobile ECM?  What's Next?  (T)


    Nuxeo's developer community has been working on innovative content apps for mobile devices. This workshop will highlight interesting mobile projects – partners and developers are encouraged to attend and share their own perspectives.

    12:25pmLunch Break

    Nuxeo Studio Deep Dive

    Attend this session to get an in-depth overview of the key features and customization capabilities of Nuxeo Studio, including what is new in 5.4.


    Customer Session -
    Community in Action - Bringing Social into the world of ECM with Leroy Merlin (B)

    Attend this session to hear how Nuxeo customer Leroy Merlin led the work to implement OpenSocial with Nuxeo DM, helping open the door to bringing collaborative content from other social applications into ECM.

    Becoming a Contributor: How to Get Started (T)

    Nuxeo encourages community contributions - to code and documentation.  This session explains how Nuxeo manages the development process and how community developers can get involved in shaping the direction of the products.


    Getting the Most Value out of Nuxeo Connect (B)

    This session will highlight all of the new services launched over the last year to help customers maximize the value of Nuxeo Connect.  We will overview the new Nuxeo Marketplace, Admin Center, and Connect portal.  Learn how to save time, minimize the need for custom development and stay up-to-date with patches and updates - all without leaving your Nuxeo application.

    Scaling Your Nuxeo Application (T)

    Ready to grow your deployment?  More users? More content?  This session will outline architecture considerations to ensure your Nuxeo application is optimized for best performance.


    Customer Session - Serimax and Nuxeo (B)

    Serimax, an international pipeline welding company. As positive as a company's growth can be, it can also bring about the difficulty of managing knowledge, especially when the success of the company is based on people know-how. Serimax Operational Methods chose to face this problem by implementing Nuxeo to manage the documents of the company relating to knowledge. The team from Serimax will explain why they chose Nuxeo, their difficulties with the project, and the next steps of their Knowledge Management project.

    Agile Development - The Nuxeo Approach (T)

    At Nuxeo, "agile" is not just a development methodology - it is a state of mind.  Attend this workshop to hear how we use agile best practices, principles of continuous improvement, automated testing and load tools to deliver the highest possible code for our customers and partners.

    05:45pmCocktail Reception

    Day 2 - Thursday, November 18th

    Coffee Reception


    Keynote: Market Trends in Enterprise Content Management


    Keynote: Roadmap - What to expect from Nuxeo in 2011



     Main Stage Workshop Room*

    Nuxeo and CMIS - What's Next? (T)

    Officially ratified by OASIS in May 2010, this content management interoperability standard is changing the way that customers view ECM requirements.  This session will outline Nuxeo's adoption of CMIS.  Developers or partners who have built applications with CMIS are welcome to share their experiences.


    Customer Session - Gagnavarslan and Nuxeo (B)

    Attend this session to hear how Icelandic Nuxeo partner Gagnavarslan built a rich Case/Project Management system with DM  capabilities using Nuxeo and Django.  This software is currently provided as SaaS in a hosted cloud environment.  Gagnvarslan plans to open source many of the component developed as part of the development effort including a DjangoNuxeo bridge, Fileplan implementation and WSS enhancements.  Learn about the reasoning for building a hybrid system combining Nuxeo and Django as a mean to keep focus on rapid application development, high performance and usability.


    11:30amBarCamp II
    12:30pmLunch Break

    Migrating to Nuxeo - Preparing for Success (B)

    This session will outline how to prepare to migrate content from a legacy ECM product to the Nuxeo platform.  Applicable to both business and technical users, we will outline the range of import, export, and other migration tools to help move your critical enterprise content safely and accurately.

    Building Packages for the Nuxeo Marketplace (T)

    Developers and Galaxy partners can attend this session to learn how to build applications, plug-ins, custom features and package them for distribution via the new Nuxeo Marketplace.  We'll discuss best practices and the review process done by Nuxeo.


    Semantic Technologies - Update on Recent Research (T)

    Attend this session to get an update on Nuxeo's participation in semantic search and knowledge extraction projects  - and how it may influence the future of content management.

    Understanding Content Views and Layouts (B)

    Key concepts of the Nuxeo User Interface Framework, layouts and content views make it possible to create complex renderings with minimal configuration. This session starts by explaining the underlying concepts and then presents how they are used in pages displaying document metadata, listings and search features.


    Why a Framework?  Case Management with Nuxeo EP (T)

    Attend this session to learn about the new capabilities developed to help customers and partners build case-centric applications.  Nuxeo CMF is a new distribution of Nuxeo EP with specific features to get repeatable content applications rapidly developed

    Extending Nuxeo DM with Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Auto-Classification and CMIS Mobile Browsers (B)

    This tech talk by Nuxeo partner Yerbabuena will overview new applications developed for Nuxeo DM and overview successful customer case studies.


    Nuxeo Core and Nuxeo Content Application Platform (CAP) (T)

    Attend this session to learn more about the two developer-centric distributions of Nuxeo EP. Learn more about which distribution to download to meet the most common content application development use cases for Nuxeo EP.


    Nuxeo DM and Scenari (B)

    This presentation by Nuxeo partners Kelis & UTC (Université de Technologie de Compiègne) will show what can be expected from the use of Scenari Publishing Chain integrated with Nuxeo DM : concepts, case studies, why using structured documentation, etc.

    04:30pmClosing Keynote
    05:00pmCocktail Reception
    08:00pmClosing Dinner

    *Note: The Workshop Room holds 20 seated participants plus standing room; the Main Stage participants will be totally seated.

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