Oracle Closed World 2010

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Start: Monday, 20 Sep 2010 13:00

End: Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010 16:00

  • Oracle Closed World 2010 Keynotes

    Database Performance Made Easy Through Graphics

    Average Active Sessions (AAS) Formulas, Interpreting Load Charts and Visual SQL Tuning (VST)

    Kyle begins his presentation with a discussion of the use of sample data to create Active Sessions History (ASH). But ASH is dense, multidimensional data, which makes it difficult to analyze. Fortunately, ASH can be simplified using a metric called Average Active Sessions (AAS). AAS  shows the load on the database and allows  you to drill down with precision and clarity into the cause of each bottleneck.  

    Most often, bottlenecks are caused by poor-performing SQL statements. For analyzing suboptimal SQL statements, Kyle will show you how to lay out the query graphically in a Visual SQL Tuning (VST) diagram. Through the VST, you’ll learn how to quickly visualize any coding errors in the query, discover flaws in the underlying database schema, and most importantly, find the best execution path through the query.

    Kyle Hailey - Program Manager, Database Performance and Optimization Products

    Kyle Hailey joined Embarcadero with a goal of producing the easiest, most powerful tools for database performance tuning in the industry. Prior to Embarcadero, Kyle worked on a complete redesign of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g performance pages. His input shifted the screens away from confusing clutter to simple-yet-powerful graphics based on session load and wait bottlenecks, and this design continues to be the foundation of OEM 11g. Kyle has a long and distinguished career in the database world, having also worked for Oracle, Quest and other organizations on database performance tuning and optimization. He has designed tools to improve high-end performance monitoring, such as direct memory attach to bypass SQL and interactive graphic displays of performance data. Kyle presents regularly at industry conferences and teaches database performance tuning classes around the world.


    Cache Fusion Demystified

    Cache Fusion the fundamental to performance in RAC by reducing the need to go to disk for the data and getting it from the memory of another instance directly. But it is also a source of a lot of mystery, myths and misconceptions. This session will explain in clear terms what cache fusion can or can’t do by traversing the course of a buffer from the disk to the instance and then to the others. Also covered will be the different states of the buffer, the global locking mechanism, the need for a CPU and I/O as opposed to a super-fast interconnect, the cause of the different global cache related wait events and how they can be resolved. All will be shown with live demos.

    Arup Nanda is the recipient of the coveted DBA of the Year 2003 award by Oracle Corporation. This award is among the most highly respected in the database industry, and each year only one of more than a quarter million Oracle professionals are honored by this distinction. A decade of experience as a DBA has made Arup an expert in many Oracle areas including Oracle Design, Oracle Modeling, Oracle Performance Tuning and Oracle Backup & Recovery.

    Arup is a frequent speaker in many Oracle related conferences including IOUG. Mr. Nanda has written several Oracle related articles in technical journals in the US an Europe. He is also on the editorial board for SELECT Journal, the publication of the International Oracle Users Group.


    Lots of hacking and undocumented stuff!


    This session doesn't have any slides, but Tanel will show you lots of (undocumented) ways to hack Oracle instead. Some of this stuff is actually useful, some is more fun ;-) Topics will range from how to read systemstate dumps, how to perform in-memory conditional tracing and how to trace a single SQL etc as time permits!

    Tanel Poder is an experienced consultant with deep expertise in Oracle database internals, advanced performance tuning and end-to-end troubleshooting. He specializes in solving complex problems spanning multiple infrastructure layers such as UNIX, Oracle, networks, storage and recently the whole Exadata hardware/software stack.

    Tanel is one of the first Oracle Certified Masters in the world, passing the OCM DBA exam in 2002. He is also an Oracle ACE Director and a proud member of the OakTable Network. In addition to consulting and delivering seminars worldwide, Tanel also publishes troubleshooting tools and technical articles at his website  and blog



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