Leverage Event Plus to Gain More Insights and to Increase Your Success

Use an Event Plus page to lay the basis for successful event marketing on XING. In just a few steps, you will create your event page and get access to 12 million potential attendees in the German speaking area.

More attendees by leveraging the Your Event Visitors section.


  • Use details like their name, position and company to see which XING users visit your event page plus the number of their visits.
  • Invite your event page visitors individually or collectively using a customised text.
  • Leverage the collected visitor data for further use in your own database.
  • Use visitor data to measure the success of your previous event promotion and optimise it where applicable.

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Up-to-the-day statistics to measure your event success.


  • Visibility of your event: Check how often your event was advertised on the XING network.
  • Use visitor numbers to see when your page was visited the most.
  • Use statistics to keep an overview about the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Boost awareness of your event with Event Plus.


  • Place external links on your XING events page to generate more traffic on your own website.
  • By integrating a link to your ticket shop in the event header, you will streamline ticket purchasing for your potential attendees.
  • Avoid competitor advertising on your own event page.



Create your Event Plus now to lay the foundation for successful event marketing on XING

Benefit from viral effects within the XING network

As soon as attendance at the event is confirmed, this information is displayed across the attendee's network. This means the visibility of your event increases with each additional registration.

Use social plug-ins for effective referral marketing

XING TicketingManager's social plug-ins enable attendees to comment on and share interesting information about your event on Facebook, XING and Twitter.

Keep your participants up to date

Create your own e-mail campaigns and send invitations, newsletters and general information about your event in just a few easy steps — XING TicketingManager provides you with your own tool to achieve all this.