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In cooperation with partners from the technology industry, XING Events offers a variety of add-ons that open up a whole new world of options, making your life as an organiser easier. Discover technical applications and services that, in conjunction with XING Events, will increase the success of your event. Here you will find a selection of applications with relevant documentation and possible uses.


With Newsletter2Go, everybody can effortlessly create, design and send professional email campaigns. Using the interface to XING Events and the 1-click event transfer, you are able to send invitations and updates about your events within a matter of minutes. The intuitive user interface makes it possible to create tailored, personal and relevant mailings in an instant.


“We help people see and understand their data. Eight words that drive everything we do.” Staying true to this motto, Tableau supports enterprises in transforming data into actionable insights.
Use unlimited visual analyses to explore data. Create dashboards, and run ad-hoc analyses with just a few clicks. Share your work results to boost your success. Whether global enterprises or newly founded start-ups and small companies: with Tableau, everybody can see and understand their data everywhere.


Using Zapier, you can link your XING Events ticketing with other tools in a matter of a few clicks. Without any programming know-how, you are able to synchronise attendee data with current applications – e.g. CRM tools such as Salesforce, Email marketing software such as Mailchimp or Google Docs and Google calendar and many more services
Get in touch with your point of contact or our support team to request your personal Zapier/XING Events access.


Mailchimp is one of the most commonly used tools for email marketing, with figures of up to 15 million users. Established in 2001, the US company created solutions that simplify sending newsletters and mailings with a freemium version allowing up to 2,000 recipients and 12,000 mails per month. The easiest way to connect the tool with the XING TicketingManager is Zapier.


Salesforce is the global leader in cloud-based CRM solutions. Provided under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) principle, the CRM platform offers various advantages over traditional CRM software. Use the XING Events API or the interface app Zapier to directly transfer your XING TicketingManager data to your Salesforce system.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you information on how users are using your website, how they were directed to your site, and how you can turn these users into regular site visitors. You are furthermore able to integrate your Google Analytics account into our ticket shop. Simply add your event’s ID under the section “Tracking”, and you will immediately receive analyses of your ticket sales.

Adobe Analytics

With the best-in-class solution for real time analyses and detailed segmentation on your marketing channels, you are able to determine valuable target groups for your business as well as useful information about your customers. Use our API interface to integrate Adobe Analytics. You can find all information on our API page. Need help with the integration? We will be glad to arrange for a competent consultant on interfaces to assist you.


ClimatePartner offers the opportunity of a climate neutral event attendance through Green Ticketing. For every ticket purchase, the individual attendee’s carbon emissions are calculated automatically. By supporting an internationally recognised climate protection project, each participant can offset the carbon emissions of their event participation and thus render their part of the event climate neutral.
ClimatePartner is the leading business solution provider in climate protection and is helping enterprises to create growth potential through voluntary contributions to climate protection.

XING Events API Portal

Using the XING Events API Portal for developers, you can directly embed any software and tool with the TicketingManager. Via this embedding process, you can reproduce your CRM or ERP system with its various requirements. In standard cases and for an easy start, the tool Zapier is of great help. If you need support with the embedding process, we will be happy to arrange for a consultant on interfaces to assist you.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an essential marketing tool for every marketing mix. With us, you can directly measure the success of your ticket sales without any complex technical embedding processes, and optimise your Google Marketing according to the results.
To track how many clicks on Google AdWords ads have led to ticket sales, directly insert the conversion ID and label from the AdWords conversion tag into the administration area of the TicketingManager.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook ads are a frequently used choice when it comes to marketing large events that are not targeted towards a specific group. This form of advertising – in conjunction with marketing on XING – is one of the most popular ad combinations among our organisers.
Would you like to track how many clicks on Facebooks ads lead to ticket purchases? Then Facebook Pixel, which you can directly store in our TicketingManager, is the way to go.

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