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          2022偏最小二乘结构方程模型国际会议(International Conference on Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling)将于2022年10月25-28日在北京航空航天大学举行,会议由北京航空航天大学与澳门科技大学主办。该会议是国际统计学科领域的专家学者为促进学术交流、分享研究成果而举办的系列学术会议,对于推动偏最小二乘在管理、工程及相关领域的研究与应用将起到重要作用。

          届时,相关领域的高被引学者,如Christian Ringle教授,Marko Sarstedt教授,Joe Hair教授及其重要学者都将到会,与世界各地学者共同研讨该领域的学术进展。此外,本届会议还将增设PLS与研究方法的工作坊,由知名统计软件SmartPLS提供支持。

         本届大会的论文将推荐至相应学科的SSCI期刊发表,详细的期刊信息会在稍晚提供。大会的英文论文集也会通过Springer出版社结集出版 (SCOPUS 检索,并递交CPCI审核)。



         偏最小二乘法是一种新型的多元统计数据分析方法,它于1983年由伍德(S.Wold)和阿巴诺(C.Albano)等人首次提出。近几十年来,它在理论、方法和应用方面都得到了迅速发展。特别是,该方法近年来被广泛关注,并被科睿唯安(Clarivate Analytics,原汤森路透知识产权与科技事业部)列为2019年10大研究热点领域。偏最小二乘法在管理科学、市场与组织、行业分析及旅游管理等研究领域都已得到广泛应用,相应的理论方法也呈现出多元化的发展趋势。

  • Call for Paper

    Welcome to PLS2022 in Beijing, China!


    We would like to invite you to attend this three-day meeting of researchers and practitioners who apply and advance partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) across all fields of scientific inquiry.


    Subject and disciplines: Applications and/or methodological advances of PLS-SEM; contributions from all disciplines are welcome.

    Submissions, deadline, and format: Please submit your abstract or full paper before August 31, 2022. Please follow our submission guidelines exactly (see www.pls2022.org).

    Proceedings: We will consider all accepted submissions for publication in the conference proceedings to be published by Springer (SCOPUS indexed).

    Special issues: Several special issues (SSCI and SCOPUS) will support the conference.

    Keynote speaker: Prof. Dr. Joe Hair, University of South Alabama, USA.

    Social program highlights: Gala dinner, half-day cultural immersion trip after the conference.

    Information, abstract submission, and registration: www.pls2022.org


    Leading PLS-SEM researchers will hold two preconference workshops on October 25, 2022: (1) PLS-SEM basics and (2) advanced PLS-SEM. For more information and registration, visit www.pls2022.org.


    The PLS2022 conference is aimed at bringing the community of researchers and practitioners empirically applying and/or methodologically advancing the PLS-SEM method together. PLS2022 welcomes both novices and world-leading experts on the method. In its spirit of sharing and caring, this special conference will endeavor to develop the method further in all respects. We believe that the PLS2022 results will guide PLS-SEM research strongly during the coming years. In addition, PLS2022 will emphasize the rigor of and set new standards for the method’s application. Against this background, we look forward to receiving the following types of submissions:

    • Applications of PLS-SEM: The conference will highlight best-practice PLS-SEM applications in various disciplines. In particular, we welcome PLS-SEM applications in Marketing, International Business, Strategic Management, Information Systems, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Service Management, Operations Management, and Innovation Management. However, submissions from fields outside the social sciences that use PLS-SEM are highly welcome (e.g., Educational Research, Environmental Research, Engineering, Medicine, Psychology, etc.).
    • Methodological advances: PLS2020 will be a platform for the fruitful exchange of new concepts and methodological advances in the field. Some of the emerging topics include factor-based vs. composite-based model estimation (e.g., PLSc, PLSF), goodness-of-fit measures, predictive model assessment, longitudinal data analysis, robust segmentation methods, and the use of PLS-SEM for predictive vs. explanatory research.


    The general conference will be in English, but we will also accept a limited number of Chinese submissions for presentation during special tracks.


    Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the conference chairs (info@pls2022.org). We look forward to your contribution to the discourse pertaining to PLS-SEM.


    We are looking forward to welcoming you to Beijing!


    Dr. Huiwen Wang, Dr. Yide Liu, Dr. Christian M. Ringle, Dr. Marko Sarstedt




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PLS2022 - 2022 International Conference on Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling - October 25-28, 2022, Beihang University, Beijing, China - https://www.pls2022.org/


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    New building conference center, Beihang University, Beijing New building conference center, Beihang University, Beijing No. 37 Xueyuan Road 100083 Beijing China
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